Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dear Hazel,
You're currently fast, FAST asleep while your Daddy and I watch the Packers game. You (we) had a big day today. We got you up at 7:20 this morning (a time carefully calibrated by your dad and I to make sure we could get you dressed in your Sunday best and into the car with as little wake-time and crying as possible) so that we could drive up to Grammy and Pappy's for a visit. Since you're their only grandchild right now, you are particularly spoiled by them and we thought that it would be nice to show you off to their home ward, as everyone knows that Grammy has been bragging about you for the last two months. Oh, and by the way... your dad and I were rockstars getting you out of the house this morning. ROCK. STARS. You were changed and in the seat without so much as a wimper.... not too bad for breaking the cardinal rule for NEVER WAKING A SLEEPING BABY.

Anyhoo, this weekend our little family did not stay home much. We had dinner at a friends on Friday, a neighborhood party Saturday afternoon, before we went shopping - and did you know that shopping the week before Christmas just may be THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD? I knew that, of course... I just forgot that Christmas is coming up next week! Anyway, we followed that with a trip to go see Gavin, Ryan and Kaylene and then finally back home for dinner with some more friends. And you were an absolute champ, sweetie girl! You slept for most of that... which made us a bit nervous for what the bedtime routine would bring.

You've been going through some interesting changes these last couple of weeks with your sleep patterns... and it has been particularly prevalent these last few days. You're taking your usual morning nap... and that lasts about an hour. Then, you take a loooonnnggg afternoon nap that could last anywhere from 3-4 hours. And then... well, it's getting harder to put you down at night... I won't lie. You get a teeny-tiny bit fussy, but you seem to be sleeping for just a little bit longer each night.

Last night, for example, we started your bath at about 9:30... and by 11 p.m., after you were bathed and fed, you were still fussy and nothing we could do could calm you down enough to get you to close your eyes. Finally, after the Daddy Special didn't work and the Mommy Secret Recipe didn't work either... I put you down and went to the bedroom to scream into a pillow.

And GUESS. WHAT? Once we put you down, your screams and crying seemed to lessen just a bit. And within 4 minutes (because 5 minutes was when I was going to come in and soothe you again by explaining that your cries were completely breaking my heart and please, take pity on your mommy, mkay?) you. were. OUT.

Um... WHAT?

And then? Then you slept until 5 a.m.. For a total of 6 hours. And 6 hours, Hazel? The most hours in a row in WEEKS!

And, and, AND!!!!.... You pretty much fed every 3.5-4 hours the last two days instead of every two hours. Which helps us be more mobile and helps Mommy not feel like a zombie. This is a new phase of your development that I can get on board with, baby girl.

The only problem now is that even if you don't wake up at 3 or 4 a.m., I STILL DO. And then I lay in bed and start wondering if you're okay and if you're still alive. And should I go pump? Because I'm about to burst right now and it's a tiny bit painful.. cuz it's been 7 hours! And I wonder if you're okay, again... should I go check and run the risk of waking you up?

So, that's where we are right now with you. You've been asleep now for three hours, and I'm hoping that you've got another 6 hour shift tonight in you. Maybe I can re-train myself to sleep through the night again.


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greyhound said...

FYI: 6 hours is "through the night" as in "slept through the night." If you have this at 2 months, you SO have it wired. Hazel can do no wrong.