Monday, December 14, 2009


Dear Hazel,
Well... your mother did it AGAIN. I messed up your schedule today. Well... I and two back-to-back poorly timed poopy's (PTP's) that woke you from your naps.

We had to go pick up Aunt Lindsey from the airport this morning... and after you woke up at 7:15 a.m., instead of putting you back down to sleep as is our norm, I got you dressed and ready for our excursion to SLC. Once we got down to the airport, you woke from your car-driving induced coma, proceeded to wet yourself (yea... it leaked) and demand to be fed. Since it was too damn cold to change you, the only option I had of helping you keep some semblance of sanity was to feed you. In the parking lot. IN FRONT OF GOD, THE TSA AND EVERYBODY. We can only hope and pray that the tint on the windows was tinted enough. I'm just sayin'... I had no time for modesty at that point.

Anyway... long story short: By 6 p.m. tonight, you had only slept 7 hours of the day... and that was from 4 a.m. on. NO BUENO, baby girl. One thing we have noticed in the last couple of weeks is that if you get the rest you need during the day, you aren't nearly as fussy and your night times are down right pleasant. That... THAT DID NOT HAPPEN TODAY. And we are currently rueing the PTP's. RUEING THEM TO HELL.

Once Daddy got home (woo-hoo!) he was was able to get you down for a 3.5 hour nappy-poo on his chest... which was good and bad. Good because you desperately needed the rest. Bad because you woke up at 9:45-ish, ate, had a bath and are now fighting sleep at 11 p.m.. Why? BECAUSE YOU JUST SLEPT FOR 3.5 HOURS AND CANNOT BELIEVE WE EXPECT YOU TO GO TO BED SO SOON ALREADY!!!

So, we expect it to be a looonngggg night. But, I'm convinced this is just a blip on the radar as tomorrow you will be right back on your schedule and I will not make you stay awake after the 7 a.m. feeding. Because I don't plan on being awake. And trust me... that's how you and I are going to roll from now on!


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