Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear Hazel,
As I write this, you are sound asleep on Daddy's chest. It seems that you have decided that if an evening nap is to take place, it WILL take place on Daddy's chest. No if, and's or but's about it. It's strange, I know... but at 7-weeks-old, you don't respond so much to logic. Who knew?

This week you've started to change your nap habits a bit. You are taking a 2.5-3 hour nap in the mid-morning. Which is working out pretty well for me since I had to start working part-time from home this week. It's almost like you knew!

That, of course, also means that your nighttime schedule is FUBAR'd. Big time. And the last week that you've been relatively calm at night when your Daddy walks in the door went ooooottttt the windooooowwwwww.

However, we may be on to something with your new routine. Last night, after a skipped evening nap and a LOT of crying that could not be calmed by myself or Daddy, we decided to start your bedtime routine an hour earlier. I gave you a bath, Daddy gave you a massage and I nursed you to sleep. The result? You were asleep by 9:30! A full two hours earlier than normal! Of course, this meant you were up two hours later for a feeding and then three hours after that... but if it means that Mommy and Daddy get to go to bed before midnight-ish? GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!

Last night was stressful for a plethora of reasons, Hazel. Mommy was tired. Daddy got rear-ended just before he got home. And by the time he got home, the pizza's that he'd picked up (that's right... PLURAL) were cold, and you were well on your way to Fussyville... on the Express Train, actually.

What followed were tears from you. Tears from me. And one very frustrated Daddy who didn't get to see you smile once yesterday.

Tonight, we think we may have figured out your issue... in that we're trying to force you to take a nap when you're not ready and you just want to hang out with us. Which is what led to you falling asleep on Daddy's chest, with your nose secured in his armpit, while we watched The Office.

We're looking forward to figuring out what you have in store for us tonight, baby girl. Please take it easy on us.

Your Mama


Wendy said...

Stuff and Bother! (About the rear-ending, that is. I trust Benny is alright!)

greyhound said...

Bollocks. You guys and your car wrecking.

If I remember aright (and it has been about 12 years) Superounce napped way better in the morning than in the afternoon--or was it the other way 'round? Anyway, one was definitely shorter, and that meant a somewhat earlier bed time.