Monday, December 28, 2009

A Shot In The Leg

Dear Hazel,
Today was a big day for you. You had your first Healthy Child doctor's visit... where you got your first round of immunizations. I must say that you took the shots much better than I took you getting them. In fact, within 10 minutes of getting the shots, you were fast asleep in your carseat. That's not to say that you didn't scream bloody murder when you got them, but all in all... not too bad.

We gave you a dose of Infant Tylenol before the shots were administered and I think that may have helped with the pain. Because 20 minutes into your afternoon nap... which was just about four hours post-shots... you woke up screaming in pain. I gave you another dose and after about 30 minutes of crying, you went back down and are still swinging away peacefully. Let's hope that lasts.

So, it turns out that even though you have days where it looks like you've made spitting up an Olympic sport, it has not impeded your growth. You are over 25 inches long and are 13 pounds, 7 oz. Which puts you in the 96th percentile in weight (up from the 50th percentile when you were one month old) and in the 100th percentile in height (up from the 95th percentile). You, my dear... you're a happy, healthy baby. In fact, the doctor that examined you said that you looked and acted like a 4-month-old, rather than a 2-month-old.

So, you're tall AND smart? WORD.

You know... we gave you the name Hazel Reese because it sounded to us like a strong name. A name for a woman who could be... well, anything! Perhaps a Supreme Court Justice? Maybe the world's leading orthopedic surgeon? How about a classically trained opera singer? Anything you want, baby girl. And it looks like you've got the brains to make those dreams of ours come true.

With the obvious exception of pole dancing, there's nothing out there that a woman with the name Hazel Reese can't be.


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