Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bump Watch - 25 Weeks

Also known as the week that I ate everything in sight, Week 25 has come and gone.

As I may have mentioned before, I do believe I've entered the "uncomfortable" part of the pregnancy. It appears that the temperature in Ogden directly correlates with my expanding girth.. which is pretty much a perfect storm for a 6 month prego woman.

Which is why God, and Benny, invented... the basement. This is where I go to hang out and watch back episodes of The Unit with Benny. And in unrelated news, Tweet takes after her MaMa and doesn't so much like the sound of machine guns. For the love of Pete, use a silencer Snake Doc!


The only thing that has made this week bearable are the adorable kicks that Tweet dishes out morning, noon and night. Even better is when she gives a kick big enough to move Benny's hand. A lot of people have asked me if I have a hard time sleeping when she kicks around down there, but they don't seem to understand that right now? I can sleep anytime, anywhere and for any amount of time. And the sleep is deep, deep, DEEP.

In fact, I do believe that for the first time in six years, I haven't been awakened by a Benny freak out in the middle of the night at least twice a week. This? This is HISTORIC.

I have a very strong feeling that our little Tweety is going to be VERY well taken care of (read: spoiled) by my parents (first time grandparents-to-be!).

But, this week, my mom and dad spoiled us by purchasing Tweet's crib... which will also be her toddler bed and her first bed! I guess they may have been worried when we told them that Tweet was going to share a bed with Bailey?

Benny and I set it up in the nursery and put some of the wall decals for decoration. We're not posting any pics yet, as we want to be able to show the room as a whole when it's done. But trust me, it's perfect for us and for Tweet. Not that she's going to care one way or the other for the first couple of years... but it's important to us since we are going to be the ones up late at night feeding her and changing the sheets of her crib when she has a blow out. Oh, yes... we've heard ALL. ABOUT. THAT from everyone. Thankyouverymuch. I don't know if this is meant to warn us as to the hazards of having a baby... but at this point, don't you think that that particular warning is a little. bit. late?

We also decided to bite the bullet and register at Babies-R-Us... a.k.a.: The Place Where Paychecks Go To Die. I mean, have you SEEN the prices on some of the stuff they have there? Tweet's going to have nicer furniture in her room than we have in ours!

So, yes... registration was fun. Now, granted... I don't know a lot about babies. In fact, my knowledge is basically limited to the horror stories of blow-ups and projectile vomit that our friends (and complete strangers!) have felt the need to share with us in this, our time of JOY. But, even I knew that going through the registration process was going to be more of a marathon, than a sprint. I packed apples, granola bars and hydration plan in the form of a huge water bottle that we would BOTH need for our little excursion into baby madness.

Benny... dear, sweet, naive Benny was gung-ho for the registration process and came out of the gates entirely too quickly. We made it through the nursing section and infant safety care section just fine. But our intrepid hero was stymied at the bottle section. I mean... REALLY.... how many bottles and bottle package choices MUST THERE BE? Is it possible we're making this TOO special? Especially for two complete rookies who never even thought of consulting their friends with children... cuz that's just how we roll. After about 30 minutes of staring blankly at the wall of bottles, we finally tracked down a helpful employee who pretty much saved our lives.

But the damage had already been done as Benny had run face-first into a wall in the middle of his sprint. When looking at rattles and other "toys" he repeatedly told me that I was overthinking it and to JUST PICK ONE ALREADY! But, honestly... if I don't like the sound of a particular rattle that I will be hearing for the next oh.. FOREVER.. of my life, why would I choose that one?

I repeatedly offered the man a granola bar or some water... but nothing having, he went in search of the perfect jogging stroller.

HAVE YOU PEOPLE ANY IDEA THE PRICES ON THESE THINGS? And the fact that we needed to register for a regular stroller AND a jogging stroller? I heard my next paycheck crying in protest. Guess we won't be eating for the next year or so.

Luckily, at hour 2 of our debacle in B-R-U, we ran into a particularly helpful employee who took us through each of the remaining items on our list so that a potential 5 hour process only ended up taking 3 hours. She singlehandedly saved our marriage.

As far as everything else... pretty much everything is status quo. The acid reflux still gives me fits if I miss a dosage. I still have to pee every 10 minutes. Benny is still doing whatever he can to make my life easier and I love him more and more every day for it.

If I ever teach my baby girl anything of value in this lifetime, it's to BE PICKY. And to make sure that the man she falls in love with and hopefully marries treats her like a queen and that she is an equal partner in the relationship. I hope that Tweet will be able to see the true love that her father and I have not only for each other, but for her.

This will be the greatest gift I can ever give her.

Week 25!!


Kelly said...

I remember when Paul and I registered. Yeah, what a process. It's amazing how much stuff there is for a baby. We were pretty clueless. So, later I took a friend along who already had two boys to see if there was any other necessities that I needed. Pretty helpful. Cute picture, by the way.

Lori said...

Jaynee, I don't know you super well, but have loved reading your posts the last year or so. Your baby girl is very lucky to come to your family and I love how you're documenting it NOW for her.

Registration IS a marathon, yay for having it done! :)

21stCenturyMom said...

What is this registration of which you speak? Is this so that when people buy you stuff it's the stuff you picked out? I'm so confused.

When I had babies people sent me stuff and I squealed and screamed "OH MY GOD THAT'S SO CUTE!" and that was it. No registration required.

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I'm SO glad you let us know where you are registered! Not having kids of my own I would just go out and buy you some cute outfit, just like everyone else because I have no idea what you REALLY NEED and WANT.

Yes - it's so people get what they NEED vs stuff that other people thing they should have or want.

It's like getting a knock off Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas, and having to feel like crap when you tell "Santa" that it wasn't what you want it, and then standing in line with everyone else to exchange it. Or, The Christmas sweater that NO one wants, but you have to smile and thank them – and sometimes even wear it..

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but it is the 21st Century and Registries are THE best. Next to Gift Cards, of course.

Supalinds said...

OMG, really you've never heard of a baby registry Pam?! It's the best. In fact, I picked out the cutest thing for baby Tweet off her registry. I'm sure she'll squeal and and scream, and I can rest assured that she will like it because she picked it out!! I love it!! I hate picking things out wondering if the baby already has 10 of the same thing.

Siren said...

If you're thinking about a jogging stroller (and yeah, you totally need one) you should check out the BOB Ironman model. I researched them like crazy to be absolutely sure I wasn't just drawn to it because of the M-dot. It was worth every penny - I barely have to use a couple of fingers to keep it moving.

The best advice I got from some mom/friends about buying baby stuff was, if you invest in nothing else, put your money into a good rocking chair. One that's comfy enough to sleep in, because you will. We got our crib and such secondhand but we splurged on a killer rocker - the upholstered glidey kind with a matching upholstered glidey ottoman. OMG. Best money I ever spent. Of all the various baby crap we ended up with, that's the one thing I can say with certainty I'd spend the money on again.