Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learning The Hard Way

Dear Jaynee,
We were so thrilled that you and Benny decided to go for a nice bike ride along the river this weekend. I mean, the last time you actually rode a bike was about 9 months ago, so this was HUGE. And, we share in your excitement as we know that this was the first bike ride Tweet has taken!

And, we agree that it's a shame that in your quest to see a Kingfisher on your ride, that you were once again STIFLED by that mythical beast. We also agree with you that no matter how many "friends" and "husbands" swear they've seen a Kingfisher down on the river, until you see one for yourself, they simply don't exist and everyone else is LYING.


However, since you're about 6 months along in the pregnancy (which means that WE are also six months along) we thought we might offer some advice.


Is NOT okay.

A reminder, you're SIX MONTHS PREGO... and things are starting to widen and loosen up down in our neck of the woods. You no longer have a nice booty that can accommodate this type of seat. And you may not get that booty back for a while. The booty cannot be controlled and has a mind of it's own. Trust us. We've tried reasoning with it to no avail. If you continue to ride this type of seat, we can predict nothing but pain, agony and a healthy dose of humility. And no one wants that.

Now, THIS.....

Is more like it.

Considering what you're going to put us through in about three months, we feel that it's only fair that you baby us until you have your baby. Consider it practice for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Unless you'd like a repeat of Sunday night's pain in your derriere, you'll take our advice.

Your Sits Bones and Greater Surrounding Community


Tyger Lily said...

OMG!! You are a riot! LOL :D

Paul said...

I must admit, I can verify that kingfishers do exist, and I am a witness to your husband's kingfisher sightings. Good luck in your indeavor to observe one.

21stCenturyMom said...

Now I get it!

greyhound said...

That seat is not aero. How you gonna set a good bike split with that?

Mommymeepa said...

Like I said on FACEBOOK. Bwwwaaahahahahahaha!!

Tweet is so lucky to have you as her mommy!!