Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our New Normal

As an expectant father I've been told countless times that "your life will change forever." I'm not sure why, but this seems to be the most common advice we receive. Perhaps it's the magnitude of the change that makes this advice so worthy of sharing? Or the awkward silence it seems to fill while people reminisce their pre-child freedom. No matter the reason, this tidbit of advice seems ever-relevant and worthy of dispensing ad nauseum.

While I appreciate and invite advice from family and friends, I must admit that I'm frustrated by the topic of "change". Jaynee and I, unlike some procreating couples, considered our decision to start a family very seriously. I won't discuss our reasoning here, but suffice to say that we knew our decision would require change and that our lives would never be the same. We know that our future holds more uncertainty than ever. But in spite of that change and uncertainty, we decided to have Tweet. In other words, as much as is possible, we are ready for the change and uncertainty that lies ahead. Let me explain.

Jaynee and I have lived wonderful lives. Most importantly, we've lived wonderful lives together. Our marriage has been nothing short of euphoria. We love each other more than we ever thought possible. We often wonder why we're so blessed to have each other, then wonder if life can possibly get any better. Then along comes Tweet and our lives seem to get better and better each day. Each day seems a little different that the last, but more importantly and without fail, today is always better than yesterday.

For those who know me well, this constant euphoria is the backbone of my belief. I believe with all my heart that happiness in life is infinitely and positively linear. This means there is no limit to our happiness, no limit to our dreams and no limit to our love.

Perhaps you agree with me, or perhaps you don't. But one thing remains; the happiness in my life, in Jaynee's life, in our marriage, and soon in Tweet's life is infinitely and positively linear. However, this pattern of linearity will require change. For today to be better than yesterday, then today MUST be different than yesterday.

So yes, when Tweet arrives our lives will inevitably change. Our lives "will never be the same." But as many of you have said, "life will change for the better." We know in our hearts that Tweet is an outward manifestation of our happiness, our dreams and our love. She is the twinkle in the light of our future and our happiness.

With that said, we welcome this change with our hearts and arms wide open. Tweet has found her way into our hearts, and each day we dream of the day when she finds her way into our arms. So for those that have offered us advice, I offer you this:

You are right.

When Tweet arrives our lives will never be the same, because our arms will finally be filled with the love that is in our hearts. For this reason we welcome the change and uncertainty that lies ahead. Let there be no doubt, there will be struggle beyond measure and heartache without limits, but in the end our hapiness and the happiness of Tweet will be infinitely and positively linear.

So when we welcome Tweet into our arms, may she be happy beyond measure, filled with boundless dreams and blessed with limitless love.

This is my only desire. This is all I ask for my darling daughter.

I love you Tweet and I look forward to holding you in my arms.


A said...

What an awesome perspective. Right on! I kind of felt the same last year when we kept getting that same advice from everyone, that our lives would change. It was like, well, duh. :)

Now that we have our little guy in our lives (9 months old) I will just confirm what you are feeling... yes, your lives will change, but it is infinitely positive! The power of love is magnified exponentially, to depths beyond what was imaginable... the capacity for joy is heightened to levels beyond belief... and your magnitude of awe will skyrocket off the charts daily!

These little bundles of love may be tiny in size, but they are infinitely powerful in their ability to expand our awareness of all that is joyful and positive about life.

So, yeah, you're gonna love it. :) Here's to euphoric living!!


Siren said...

Dooce doesn't call 'em "life bombs" for nothing : )

We heard the same 'change' thing over and over when I was pregnant. But we were in essentially the same place as you guys - very happily married, a little older than the average new parents and had waited until we were ready to accept the change with open arms.

You guys have a fantastic perspective on the impending chaos and are going to be more than fine. But you already knew that.

Fe-lady said...

If all parents were like you two (and like Dooce and hubby) - damn the world's children would all be healthy and happy!