Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Well, hello Tweet. I know we haven't been formerly introduced, but we’ve had many conversations already. I feel like I already know you, even though just four months ago you were merely a dream. But it didn't take long for our special dream to come true, and since we've gotten to know each over last four months, I thought I should tell you how your mother and I met. After all, this story marks the beginning of our lives together.

Your mother and I were obviously much younger when we met, and neither us knew what our future held. We had always known of each other, but neither of us suspected we’d end up married, let alone bringing you into the world! Nevertheless, today’s story begins on a farm, stumbles upon a can of pork and beans, and ends in a little brown house on Marilyn Drive.

Once upon a time there was a young, vibrant, smart and athletic woman who had grown up on a farm, but then ventured to the big city to go to college. This woman was full of passion and spontaneity. She loved spending time with her friends, and loved more than anything to spend her summer morning’s water skiing. She was good at it too! She was the talk of the town.

Your mother and I were likeable people in college and we shared a lot of the same friends. We’d never formerly been introduced, but I knew my chance to meet her would come soon. I knew that once I met her I would reel her in with my charm, classic good looks and impeccable sense of responsibility. Much to my surprise, my chance to meet your mother would come much sooner than I thought.

One day I received a call while I was studying in my dorm room. It was one of my friends inviting me to go water skiing with your mother and some friends. It was arranged that I would ride to the lake with your Mommy. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity, but quickly realized that our magical relationship would have to wait. I had important obligations to tend to, and besides, I knew she’d appreciate my impeccable judgment and sense of civic responsibility. It was time to let the dazzling begin, so to speak.

Shortly after receiving the phone call, I ran into your mother in the lobby of the dorms. She approached me and acted as though she didn’t know who I was. You know, as if she hadn’t been checking me out all summer long. We greeted cordially, and I informed her that I’d have to decline her offer to go water skiing. I continued by telling her that I hadn’t eaten anything besides pork and beans for six days, that my bean supply was running dangerously low, and that I had to find a way to get my hands on some more beans! I knew she’d understand and find my charm irresistible. Besides, who wouldn’t be impressed with a man on a bean mission? But I still hadn’t delivered the clincher. When I told her that I had an appointment to donate plasma, that I was in the running for “donor of the month”, was making serious cash in the exchange, AND was saving precious lives as a result, well, she pretty much fell in love at first site.

After impressing her with my maturity and responsibility, I figured it was time to dazzle her with expensive things. But first, I needed to lure her to my dorm room in a casual manner. This would prove an easy task, much like attracting a mosquito to a light bulb.

You see, that evening your mother was working at the dorm where we lived and was in charge of supervising the residents. Each night she walked the hallways looking for behavior infractions, and when she found one she had a reputation for cracking down on the offenders. With this in mind, I devised a bullet proof plan.

The next evening I found out what time she would be patrolling the hallways. I decided to wait until after quiet hours, then crank up Uncle Ryan’s stereo really loud, thereby luring her up to my dorm room where I could once again, dazzle her with my charm. The plan worked flawlessly. Within moments of turning on the stereo your mother was knocking on my door.

She obviously told me to turn down the stereo, which I was happy to do. Besides, I didn’t need music to sway her in my favor. I had charm, remember? So we talked for a little while, I invited her in, and we talked some more. As it turns out, we hit it off right away. We immediately made each other laugh. We had a natural chemistry, one that would make us happy for the rest of our lives. But on that faithful evening we had no idea where I lives together were headed.

Shortly after her arrival she needed to get back to work, so I walked her to the door and begrudgingly said good bye. But I knew I’d see her again, because the very next night I’d hatch the same ingenious plan. But this time we talked even longer and laughed even louder. But before we said good bye I mustered up the guts to ask her on a date. She immediately accepted and our hearts were filled with joy, trepidation, anticipation and exhilaration.

After a few weeks of dating we knew that we were meant each other. For the remainder of the summer we lived, we laughed, and we eventually fell in love. We knew our relationship was special, but neither of us knew just how special our lives together would be.

Throughout the years your mother and I have been on a magical journey together. A journey that neither of us anticipated, but neither of us would dream of changing. We’ve laughed together, cried together, loved together, built a home together, traveled the world together, and now we will raise a child together.

Our pasts are widely divergent, but our future is narrowly focused. You are all we think about Tweet. You are our thoughts, our hopes and our dreams, and we promise to share with you the love that we have for one another. We are ready to be your parents Tweet. We are ready to hold you, hug you, cherish you and love you.

So as we prepare to welcome you into this world, let’s start by sharing that our love for you will always come first. As a family, our love for each other will always come first.

We welcome you to our blog, to our family, to our journey, and to our world; a world where love will always come first.

So, with all the love that our hearts can muster, let’s wish your mother a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!!

With all our love and all our hearts…

Tweet and Pappa Tweet

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Mama Tweet said...

Love you, babe. Thanks for the best birthday present ever.