Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bump Watch - Weeks 1-16

16 weeks

Well, I'm still in the stage that people don't know if I've put on a few pounds, or if I might be prego. Fortunately (or, unfortunately) no one has bothered to ask. I guess that's what being tall gets you. A buffer on a few poundaroos.

Even though I was convinced that I had gained at least 7-10 pounds in the last four weeks, turns out I've only gained 3.5 pounds. Which means that I've only gained 4.5 pounds total for the first 16 weeks. Funny how it feels like SO. MUCH. MORE.

Weeks 1-12
The first trimester was actually pretty easy... considering what a lot of women have to go through. I never vomited. Never got morning sickness. Actually had more of an afternoon nausea that didn't really let up. Of course, there was the fatigue and the Super Sniffer that ended up being the demise of the cat living in the house. She's surviving just fine outside and my nose (not to mention Benny) is a lot happier.

Weeks 10-12 were by far the worst so far. I didn't want to eat anything because I knew it would just make me feel terrible. Working out was (and remains) a no-go because I feel terrible after exercising... instead of how all the books say you'll feel which is GREAT. These books... they LIE.

The worst day, by far, though was the day of our 12-week checkup. Man did that suck. Benny had to beg me to eat something while we were waiting for the doc to come in. And I had to beg him not to talk so loud because I was sure that my head was going to explode from the sound... not of his voice... but just noise in general.

When the doc did come in, she took one look at me and asked if I wanted a prescription for anti-nausea. Um... YES, PLEASE!!

After that little episode, I only had to take those little magic pills twice. I made an almost miraculous recovery in the following weeks.

We weren't able to hear the heartbeat at week 12 because the placenta was sitting on top of the baby and all we got was a lot of gurgling noises, but we still got to see the heartbeat and walked away reassured. Still nauseous, but reassured.

Super Sniffer
Headaches from hell!
Irritation at everyone for no good reason.

Smells I Can't Stand
Canned Corn
The Cat
Struggling with the smell of coffee grounds

Apples with cheese
Turkey Burger fingers
Kashi Granola Bars
Goldfish crackers

Shocking Developments
Not so much craving chocolate right now. A first!


Weeks 13-16
Weeks 13-16 were pure bliss. I felt great... had my appetite back and had a little of the energy back. I still walk around with Tums in my purse at all times because I never know what food is going to come back to haunt me later.

My belly is getting a little rounder and on my last business trip to Bozeman, Mont., I discovered that I was just days away from not being able to fit into any of my business suits. Even the rubber-band trick isn't pulling it's weight. Am convinced that no woman in the history of the world has gotten as fat as I have before the 16 week mark.

We had our 16-week checkup on May 11th. At that appointment, I discovered (much to my shock) that I'd only gained 3.5 pounds. Which seems, still, to be absolutely impossible.

The doc asked how I was feeling and as she lubed my belly up for the doppler to listen for the heartbeat, Benny and I held hands. This was the moment we had been waiting for.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh.... "

We couldn't believe it. There actually IS something in there! We'd seen it with our own eyes... but being untrained in the art of reading sonograms, we were really just taking the docs word for it. But hearing it? WOW. 153 beats per minute. A strong, healthy sound.

We were awstruck. And, honestly... if it had been allowable, we would have sat there and listened to it all day. I would seriously love to have a doppler at home just to check every night that the heart is still beating. That the baby is still strong. Then again.. I'd never get anything done. And I'd probably never shower either. I'd just lay in bed and listen to the heartbeat.

This is something the books don't tell you about... how hearing the heartbeat will absolutely change your life. But it does. It makes it somehow more real. More tangible. More... OH MY GOODNESS... IT'S ALIVE IN THERE!!

We were on Cloud 9 all day. In fact, we both walked into our respective offices and exclaimed: "153 beats per minute!!! Woo-hoo!"

Weight gain
Still a little tired
Super Sniffer still on patrol
Heartburn requires me to carry Tums everywhere

Smells I Can't Stand
Anything Cat Associated
Canned Corn
Myself.... (need new perfume STAT!)

- People who you don't know that well... or complete strangers, even... touching the belly. Without permission. I find this extremely disconcerting... And I'm afraid it's going to be an issue throughout the pregnancy.

- No, we don't know what it is yet. Yes... I think we're going to find out. No, I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. No, I haven't felt it move. Can you please just bag my groceries so I can go home?

- I'm not thrilled with bras right now. I much prefer wearing a tank-top with a built-in shelf. That seems to be the least offensive to the girls.

- Salad with Ranch and Croutons. If there are no croutons available, the salad is dead to me.
- Water. I constantly need water. I can't make it 2 miles to Kaycee's house without a bottle of water!
- The chocolate craving is back. With a vengence.
- Beef!
- OJ every morning
- Hot dogs... thank goodness I've resisted THIS craving.

Bonus Features
- I've finally got "The Glow". My skin is looking pretty good and has good color to it.
- Benny and I continue to grow closer day-by-day. He love rubbing the belly and talking to Tweet.
- Got a new office after we kicked the cat out of the house! Woo-hoo!
- We went maternity shopping and got some really cute shirts and skirts. I think for the most part, I'll be able to get by with my Costco skorts with the drawstring, though.

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a.maria said...

i just randomly found your baby blog and love it!
for the record, pregs or not, a salad with no croutons is ALWAYS dead to me! ;)