Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bump Watch - 18 Weeks

I had meetings all day Monday-Wednesday of this week and I got to bust out my new maternity wear for the office. Benny and I made the rookie mistake of going to Pea In The Pod a couple of weeks ago and spent about $300 there for office maternity wear. But, considering that this week was a big unveiling week for many of my colleagues throughout the league, it was money well spent.

The skirts and shirts that we got are perfect for work... even though this summer I won't really have to use them that much. I'm still struggling with finding the perfect bra, too. That's a post in an of itself.

For all future mommies-to-be, I highly recommend staying as far away as you can from Pea In The Pod... not only for their ridiculous prices (I actually tried on a pair of $210 jeans... because $220 would have been excessive) but because they really didn't think through the dressing room situation and I was trying on clothes in front of Benny under what I would compare to a heat lamp at KFC. By the end of it, both Benny and I felt like pieces of steroid-injected original recipe fried chicken. Me, because my breast size does not occur in the natural world, and him because he was sweating BUCKETS helping me into clothes that should not occur in the natural world, either!

Motherhood Maternity is much more my style... and my pocket book didn't scream in agony when I went in there.

Other than the meetings, this week was relatively calm. Although we did take KC down to SLC for her 30th birthday and getting home at 1 a.m. doesn't sit well with a pregnant woman (and her adoring husband) who are used to going to bed at 8:30 each night. (Unless 24 is on, and then we make time for Jack Bauer to save the world. It just seems like the patriotic thing to do!)

- Tums to the rescue... AGAIN!
- Is that a huge zit on my chin, or am I just happy to see you?
- I spend more time in the bathroom peeing than in any other place in the house!

- This sounds totally weird, I know, but at times I get uncomfortable talking about the pregnancy... because I feel like that's ALL I AM and ALL I TALK ABOUT. And I know that other people aren't as in to it, so I try not to talk about it... but then I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!!! It's a lose-lose situation, really.

- The season finale of 24 DID NOT MAKE BENNY OR THE BABY HAPPY.

- The bra situation is getting desperate! I need to find something STAT!

- I truly can't remember a darn thing unless I write it down.

- I'm still on the salad train.
- Tonight, I'm craving a chicken patty.
- Cran Grape Juice. I've actually been craving that for weeks now!
- 1/2 cup of OJ every morning or my day is worthless.
- Water, water, WATER!
- Banana flavored popsicle!!! I got a whole bag for 99 cents yesterday!
- Cheese

Smells I Can't Stand
- Canned corn
- The garbage and disposal
- The dog is particularly horrendously smelling right now!

Bonus Features
- Benny finished up my new office this week. Our friend Jodi helped us score some free desks that her sister was getting rid of and they look great in our office! We only have the baby room left to get ready!

- People have been so generous! We have had so many offers of baby clothes and baby gear... not to mention the early baby gifts we have received.

- I feel more in-tune with the world around me. Sometimes. If I can remember to.

18 Weeks


21stCenturyMom said...

OMG - I can't believe you JUST invited me and actually said "if you care". Are you freaking kidding!! Anything you write works for me.

Glad this pregnancy is going so well for you.

As for discomfort - wait until people start putting their mitts on your belly unbdien. Now THAT's uncomfortable. Oh - the sharing of really bad birth stories is another favorite pastime of asshats the world over. Don't listen. I loved giving birth - all 3 times. If you get worried just talk to me. I'm a birthing ho fo sho. I would have had 20 if it weren't for that 9 month thing and if I were super rich. Sersly. Okay - 4 or 5 but still.

21stCenturyMom said...

ps - you look adorable!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

" I truly can't remember a darn thing unless I write it down."

My name is Krista - there it's written down.

You didn't ACTUALLY thinking that one was going to slip by did you?

J/K - thanks for inviting me :-)

momo said...

you look great, jaynee, and this is such a fantastic idea for baby tweet. who, we all know, will never be called anything else by any of us, regardless of what (her) name is. :-) still hoping girl.

try gap maternity and also target has GREAT stuff.


Wendy said...

Thanks so much for letting me follow along from home! (I particularly love the Bump photos.)

Siren said...

I'm behind so maybe you've solved this problem already, but try bravado designs website for nursing/maternity bras.

It's the only place I could get the 40H (OK, I needed an I, but they only went up to H).

JCPenney's site also has a decent selection of larger sized nursing bras.

I'm sure you've already realized not to waste your money on the flimsy jokes at Motherhood Maternity!

You're gonna want to lay in a big supply of (comfy enough to sleep in) sports bras - if you plan to nurse at all you'll want to wear them every second you're not wearing a nursing bra.