Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday Joy

Benny decided that for my big 3-2, he would surprise me. It's one of his favorite things, actually... being able to pull one over on the old lady. He drove us out to Farmington Bay where I immediately guessed that we were going bird watching. (See... this is why he has to try so hard to surprise me... I'm surprisingly good at story problems.) I was so excited, but at the same time a little disappointed because had I known that this was what we were going to do, I would have brought my binoculars and my bird book.

And this is where Benny excels in surprises, because when we got out of the car, he pulled out my binoculars AND my bird book AND dinner from the trunk of the car! Because we've learned the hard way that if I'm more than 50 feet away from a source of food at any given time, someone will die.

But, wait! There's more! Besides the binoculars, the book and dinner, Benny had gone even one step further... making it damn near impossible for anyone to compete with. He had rented an AIR BOAT for us so that we could actually go out in the bay and get close enough to the birds to hear the sucking sound their feet made as they moved through the mud. We were also close enough for them to squawk at us to get the hell out of the way, Dobie!

It was AMAZING. We saw Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, American Avocets, Stilts, Dowitchers, Gadwalls, Teals, Ruddy Duck, Coots, Terns, Greebs... the list goes on and on and on. It was unbelievable and something I'll never forget.

I even got to drive the boat. Which I didn't know at the time, but was a life-long dream of mine... because I felt exactly like the detectives on CSI: Miami. I even took off my sunglasses, turned myself to profile and said something Horatio Cain-ish, like: "This was no accident, Mr. Wolf. This.... was murder." And... "Remember when you're in O-Town.... we. never. close."

But I don't think Benny got it. He really doesn't get that in order to improve his pop culture knowledge, he's going to have to get his nose out of the books and his booty in front of the $1,000 television we bought that we never turn on. Er... he doesn't turn on.

Anyhoo, it was an absolutely wonderful birthday. I couldn't have asked for better. Tweety-Pie enjoyed it to... until we'd been out for a couple of hours and we hit Code Red on the pregnant women's Don't Venture Too Far From The Nearest Bathroom Lest You Pee Your Pants Scale.

And, really... is there any better place to cop a squat than on the banks of a bird refuge near the Great Salt Lake? I think not.

The next night, we met Supa, Dev, Krista, Shane, Carrie, E and D at a restaurant in downtown SLC. It was great to see everyone, although I really wished that I'd been training so that I could shovel down the enormous amount of food that was put in front of us for the next three hours, instead of sneaking Tums in between each course. GOOD GRIEF THESE MARATHONERS KNOW HOW TO EAT.

Supa hooked a sister up with an awesome baby-bottle holder... but for now we're putting wine in it.

Krista and Shane hooked a prego woman up with some serious chocolate (bless you... but there is no photo evidence. on purpose.) and a cute baby frame. And if someone can tell me how they got a picture of our baby before even we did, I would appreciate the info!

And then Carrie called on her mother, a woman I've never met but am hoping that one day will babysit the Tweet so her daughter and I can go to Dinosaur Park again, to make this cute diaper bag. Sersly... above and beyond the call of duty, I say.

II've received a lot of early baby gifts. Something I was unaware that people actually do. In fact, I've been trying to think if I ever gave a gift to a pregnant woman or friend prior to the baby shower. And I do believe the answer is no. Cuz, I'm selfish that way and how was I supposed to have time to buy a gift when I've got a cat that is dying from hunger every minute of the day?? IT. CANNOT. BE. DONE.

My mother... the first-time Granny-To-Be... has already made a cute receiving blanket.

Benny was a little concerned when she showed us the blanket... because it didn't smell like baby yet. He tried rubbing it against my belly, but then all it smelled like was bloat and maybe that enchilada I had for breakfast.

Benny's swim partner was so excited when we told her the news, that she ran out the very next day and got this for Tweet.

Have you ever seen something more hilariously cute? Me neither. Which is actually tragic... because it signifies that I've become ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. The people that ooo and ahhh over theeeee cutest little things for babies. It's the end of an era... really.

And, that about does it for what's been going on for the last 18 or so days since the last post. The Tums are still in full effect. Benny has taken to rubbing the baby every day. All. Day. Every. Day. Which, obviously, I'm okay with.

What I'm not okay with are the random acquaintances that I sorta know... but not really... and definitely not enough for them to come up and rub the belly. I always thought that the pregnant women who complained about this may have been exaggerating.

But they're NOT.

It's amazing the number of strangers and, I dunno... para legals in the office next door... who think that it's perfectly normal to rub your belly. With or without your permission. And we're only at 18 weeks. Holy crap... can you imagine what the next 22 weeks will hold?

Someone might lose a hand.

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Mommymeepa said...

What an awesome birthday gift. Ben, you scored major points in my book. I love the pic of Ben driving with his tongue out. Love the Belly pic. Looks like it was an amazing day.