Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Talk About It

Dear Hazel,
Just a quick note to update you on a couple of developments. 

You had your 15-month checkup last week... which means that Mommy subjected you to the terror and torture of a visit to the doctors office... which included the last of your boosters for at least 10 months.  Woo-hoo!  But that means that Mommy wasn't your favorite person right about then.  In fact, you let me know of your displeasure even before the piercing screams during the shots by REFUSING to share your grapes with me.  That's right, you sat on my lap with the bowl in your hands and popped each grape... ever. so. slowly.... into your mouth while maintaining eye contact.  And that eye contact said:  Suck it, Mommy.

But, other than the shots, it was a good visit.  Although the doctor mentioned that at your age, you should have at least a three-word vocabulary. 

See... this was news to me.  Right now, you've pretty much got two words:

- Mo?  Which means more of whatever we've been doing or feeding you.  And we hear mo? mo? mo? approximately 153 times a day. 


- Mamamamamama.  But I don't really think this counts as Mama because you say it whenever you want something in particular.  I'm not sure you even car if Mama is the one who gets it for you.  You just seem to know that if you say that particular word, it gets results. 

So, for the next three months, we're really going to focus on getting you to say more words.  Otherwise, we may have to consider speech therapy.  Blah.

Don't get me wrong, you've said other words here and there.  Berry, moo, milk, hello, me and doggy... among others.  But you don't really ever repeat them.  You obviously understand words.  I can tell you go to get your baby or the ball, and you go right over to it and bring it to me.  We can ask you to go kiss Daddy or go kiss Mommy and you do it.  You also can point to your nose, ear, eye, mouth and feet on command.  But talking?  Not really your thing.  You pretty much prefer to babble.  And while it's a joyous sound to our ears, we're not concerned that you speech is for some reason delayed.  I don't know... I'm probably just worrying unnecessarily... but that's what Mommy's do best.

You still love day care.  A bit too much, I sometimes think.  Lately when I come to pick you up at the end of the day... well, you could really care less.  In fact, you have taken to running away from me.  And when I try to put on your coat or jacket, after having wrangled you into my arms... well, that meltdown is something to behold.  I'm starting to get worried that the staff at day care might think that we beat you at home or something.  In a word?  It's pretty disheartening.  There is nothing in this world that sucks more than knowing that your child doesn't want to come home with you.  I won't lie... Daddy had to let me cry on his shoulder last night because of it. 

But, in your defense... I cry at the drop of a hat these days.  We've got just three weeks until your little sister joins us.  So, I'm pretty much on the edge emotionally 24/7.

We've also started to transition some of your toys into your bedroom and are hoping that teaches you that your bedroom is where you play.  We are still looking for a dresser for you.  Without a lot of luck .  So, we've still got a lot to do in the next few weeks... you know, before the Squirt Bomb of 2011 hits us. 


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