Monday, January 24, 2011

My Little Diva

Dear Hazel,
I'm taking what my friend Carrie told me to heart.  Someday, you're going to ask what you were like as a child and since I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, it's doubtful I'll remember some of the things you're doing right now.  So, maybe instead of monthly updates, I'll update whenever something happens that shows your little developing personality and... style.

Case in point:  This morning I got you ready for school.  It's Spirit Week at day care, so that means it was PJ Day!  (Side note:  Spirit Week?  For toddlers?  REALLY?)  Anyway, we got you in a clean pair of PJ's... due to an unfortunately incident with the applesauce this morning on your other PJ's and I put on your pink princess shoes.  You've never had a problem with them before, and didn't have one today.  (Another side note:  It's possible you need a bigger size, though.)  So, I was surprised that after I put them on, you stood up, looked down at your feet and then made your way to the door where your pink, fur-lined boots were.  You picked one up, brought it to me, sat down and pointed at your feet.

Now, before I go further, let me just tell you that lately, you've become a fan of taking your jacket off, putting it back on, taking it off, putting it back on.  And doing this until Mommy starts bleeding from her ears.  You do this with hats, too.  As well as markers and their caps.  Which I suppose I should be grateful for... since that means you're not busy drawing on our newly painted walls.  Yet. But it gets old and often leaves us running way behind schedule because... "MOM!!!  I took off my jacket and I can't get it back on!  IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!"


Anyway, let's just say that I knew what I was getting into when I caved and took off your shoe and replaced it with your boot.  But, hey... it's not like Mommy has to eventually go to work or anything, right?  Oh... WAIT.  I DO.

So, after I placed the boot on your cute little footsie, you stood up, looked down again and toddled back over to the door to get the matching boot, which you brought back over and had me put on.  I fully expected you to then demand that I put on your princess shoes and we'd play that game over and over until I cried.  But, you stood up, looked down at my bare feet and went to the door where I had my shoes stashed.  You brought over one of my grey slipons.  And yes, I'll admit right now that slipons aren't terribly fashion forward (especially in January) but they're pretty much the only thing that fit my feet these days... and with my belly I'm so not in a place where I can actually tie my shoes.

Anyway, you brought one of the shoes over, and actually put it on my foot.  Seriously.  And then you ran over, grabbed the other one and put it on my other foot!  Then you looked at me, looked at my shoes and I swear I could see you thinking:  "No, no, no... this isn't quite right.", and then went back to get the black pair of shoes by the door.  Which you brought over and placed on my feet.

At that point, you were satisfied and proceeded to go find your milk... sort of a reward for a hard days work of getting Mommy ready for work. 

Afterwards, I loaded you in the car without too much hassle... with the exception of your minor freak out because I had to take your blankie away so I could actually buckle you in and you were SO NOT OKAY WITH IT.  And we were off.  You in your pink princess pj's and pink fur-lined boots.  And me in my black slipons and jeans. 

Next week?  You're gonna help Mommy with her hair and makeup.


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Bruns Family said...

Love it. SOunds like you have a girlie girl on your hands!
She is such a cutie!!!