Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bump Watch - Week 33

Dear Squirt,
You've had an exciting month. There's so much to tell you.  And hopefully you can forgive the fact that I haven't posted more regularly.  But, between dealing with a kitchen remodel that, let's face it, if Mommy wasn't pregnant and ROCKING prego hair, her hair would have turned gray and fallen out ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE, and the 14 hour drive down to Phoenix for Christmas with Daddy's family... well, I haven't had a whole lot of time or energy to devote to keeping up with your progress.  Shoot, I haven't had time or energy to devote to staying awake or buying maternity clothes that fit!  But, again... I'm sorry.  Let's see if we can catch you up on the past five weeks.

Let's start with the most random pregnancy development.  My itchy foot.  The first night my left foot started itching, I didn't think too much of it.  It was just one spot.  But it really itched.  A month later, I was still itching like MAD.  Just that one spot.  And there was NOTHING there.  No rash.  No bump.  Nothing.  Your Daddy would just sit there and chuckle each night when I started scratching.  I finally Googled it and it turns out that it IS something that can happen during pregnancy.  Seems like I've got a super mild case of whatever it is, though.  And at our last doc appointment, I hesitantly brought it up.  And wouldn't you know?  As soon as I talked with the doc about it?  The itch went away.  Like magic.

These last few weeks, you've been kicking like crazy.  All day long.  You're definitely different from your sister that way.  She used to kick at night so your Daddy could feel her.  You?  You apparently sleep at night (atta girl!) and kick all. day. long.  The good news is:  Mommy gets plenty of sleep at night.  The bad news is:  Daddy has hardly ever gotten to feel you kick.  Which is a total bummer for him.

I love feeling you kick, baby girl.  I suspect this is my last pregnancy... I feel like I've basically been pregnant for two years and yea, I'm kinda over it.  But that's made it even more special when I feel you moving around in there.  I know that I'll never feel that again.  What a major buzz-kill.  There is nothing more special than feeling your little baby moving around inside you.  It's something that I'll always treasure and I know I'll miss it.  Even those kicks directly on to my bladder.  Which you're getting WAY TOO GOOD AT.

So, that's what I'll miss from this pregnancy.  What I won't miss?  How incredibly huge I've gotten with you.  Yea, yea... I know.  I have definitely taken advantage of being pregnant.  I haven't passed on a whole lot of desserts during these last few months.  And if anyone dared say anything about how much food I've been shoving down my gullet... well, let's just say that no one has dared say anything.  Probably because they're afraid I'll eat them in retaliation.  Yep.  Mommy's huge.  I actually had to buy new maternity clothes last week because the maternity clothes I bought a few months ago hoping that I would grow into during the final weeks of pregnancy.. well, I grew into them... and then out of them.  Awesome.

I also won't miss the snoring.  And neither will Daddy.  Apparently, it's gotten so bad that your Daddy is amazed I can talk in the morning.  And I suspect that my snoring has something to do with his insomnia... even though he's a Prince and will deny that logic.  But he has mentioned that he doesn't know how I can remain asleep with all that noise.  Six more weeks, baby girl... think he can handle it for six more weeks?

Those are pretty much the only downsides of this pregnancy thus far.  Not bad, I think.

Craving-wise, I'm all about sweets these days.  If I could have chocolate or a pastry for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day?  My life would be complete.  But lately, I've also had a strange craving for ham.  In my salad.  Weird, right?  Also, I've started craving a 1/2 glass of OJ every morning... just like I did with Hazel.

Speaking of your older sister, she has been fascinated with you.  Well... you in my belly.  She likes to hit my belly and stick her finger in my belly button.  Then she'll pull up her shirt, and hit her own belly and play with her belly button.  She knows something's up... but she's just not sure what.  I'm not quite sure what the first few weeks of your life are going to mean to her.  I hope she takes it well.  Lately, she's become kind of a holdy baby... which sucks timing-wise.  It's hard for me to pick her up these days, for fear that it's gonna somehow hurt you, or me.  So, Daddy's had to jump on the Hazel Grenade the last few weeks.  He has to put her down each night and has to pick her up and carry her around whenever she gets the "Pick-Me-Up Fussies".

I still can't believe we're six weeks out from meeting you.  Time has absolutely flown by.  We have soooo much left to do to get ready for you to join our family.  The nursery isn't even close to being done.  I still have to decorate it, find a dresser, changing table and white noise machine and organize all of the newborn and 3-month old clothes of Hazels that you'll be wearing. And I also need to find a cute outfit to bring you home from the hospital in.  OH THE STRESS OF DELIVERING A CHILD IN A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY!!!

The bump watch picture below was taken in the house in front of the new wall color.  Yes, it's a color.  It just doesn't look like one on film.  I took it inside because it's just too cold to pose outside.  Once the kitchen is completely done (fingers crossed that it'll be done by Monday of next week!) I'll post a bump watch in it. 

Until then, please know that even though I'm not updating your first few months of life as much as I did Hazels, you are always on my mind.  And on my bladder.

 33 Weeks!


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