Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where Are You???

Dear Squirt,
It's February 20.

You were due... yesterday.

And..... yep... you're still not here yet.  Despite my best efforts to get you to come into this world sooner rather than later.  Yep. Let's recap the last couple of weeks for you so you can see that yes... Mommy is trying to squeeze as much living into her last days of freedom for a while... while also hoping that all the activity will encourage your arrival.

Last Wednesday, I went with my girlfriend Kaylene to the musical Hairspray.  I figured that with my luck, I would go into labor in the middle of it and be THAT chick.  But, no... no baby.  But, a really fun play where we got to see some of our friends perform.  I got home that night at about 11 p.m. and was still so exhausted by the next morning, that your Daddy had to get Hazel ready and drop her off at day care, while I slept in.  When I woke up, I seriously debated sitting around the house for the rest of the day (sans pants) simply because I didn't feel like getting ready for work.  But, I went in anyway... something that makes my immediate supervisor happy.  Just because he likes seeing me uncomfortable.  And has made that clear to me.  Often.

That Friday, your Daddy and I headed downtown to a free Ice Cube concert on 25th street.  Yea.  That may not have been our brightest move given the fact that there were close to 10,000 people there.  And an untold amount of weed.  And a 9 month pregnant belly?  Didn't really fit in well with the crowd.  After an hour of standing in the street, squished like sardines... we had to make a break for it right before Ice Cube took the stage... by scrambling under a table and pushing our way through a mass of high concert goers.  We HAD had a really good view of the stage prior to bailing and had we stayed and risked our lives, we would have actually gotten to see the man... but as much as we wanted to be able to tell you that the night you were born we had been at an Ice Cube concert... we thought that risking our safety and your safety was going a bit overboard.

We ended up going to the back of the crowd where there was a little more room to breathe... but then it wasn't like the air we were breathing was good for you or me, so after about three songs (in which I enjoyed several flashbacks to college) we left and headed home.  By 10 p.m., we were showered and in bed.  Because that's how we roll these days.

But, you KNOW we had to do a bump pic at the concert...

Week 39!

That Sunday, we headed up to Snowbasin to watch the Super Pipe of the Dew Tour.  Which meant some "hiking" for me.  We hoped that the change in elevation and the physical exertion would do the trick.  It. Did. Not.

But, we still had a good time and your big sister got to enjoy one last weekend being the center of our world.

We went to the doctor for our finally appointment last week and it turns out that while you're ready to make an appearance (and we know this because your cute little head is nestled securely on a nerve that makes my special place cry out in pain all day long) Mother Nature isn't really moving things along the way we would hope she would.  So, all of that planning to just wait until you're ready to make your big entrance into this world?  Well, those plans got tossed out the window because, quite frankly, I'm kinda over the pregnancy.  I want to get on with things, you know?  I want to be mobile again.  Your Daddy REALLY wants me to be mobile again.  I want to be able to lift up Hazel without pain and I really, really, REALLY want to get out of my maternity clothes.

But most of all, I want to meet you.  I want to meet the little girl who causes me to pee five times a night and who gets the hiccups multiple times a day.  I can't wait to see what you look like and discover your personality.  I can't wait for Hazel to meet you and I look forward to the two of you being best friends.  I can't wait for the Nadolski's to be a family of four.  I can't wait to see if I have learned anything from all of the mistakes I made with your sister... or if it's true, that I can't be taught.

So, we're inducing tomorrow morning.  We were a bit surprised that the doctor suggested it... normally, she likes to wait five days after your due date to start an induction, but decided that the pain was enough to warrant only waiting two days.  

We are so looking forward to you making our family complete, baby girl.  We knew when we had your sister that we were OF COURSE going to have you.  It was a given.  We decided that the very best gift we could give Hazel is a little sister.  And the very best gift we could give you, is an older sister.  The very best gift we could give ourselves?  The two of you.  It may have happened sooner than we expected, but oh my... we wouldn't have it any other way.

See you soon, baby girl! Our family is waiting to meet you!


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