Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bump Watch - Week 37

Also known as... I'm Sorta Getting Over It Week.

It's not that I've had a tough pregnancy. Quite the opposite, actually. No hemorrhoids, no particular complaints other than the constant fatigue and, now the apparently inhuman snoring that Benny's privy to every night.

In fact, yesterday morning I woke up with a really sore throat and shrugged it off as caused by the change in the weather. But Benny confirmed with me that "HOLY COW! I have never heard anything as loud as your snoring last night. I mean... no wonder your throat is sore! The noises coming out of you were NOT human. I bet you couldn't make that same noise while you are awake!"

So, I've got that going for me.

Tweety-Pie is progressing nicely. And bonus! I only gained one pound this week!

Benny and I are getting anxious for the Tweeter to arrive. We're busy running last-minute errands and getting things in place. And, we finally pulled the trigger on a chair for the nursery. And, no... it's not the $700 chair I drool over whenever we go to Babies-R-Us. Nope... we had to have a reality check with that chair. That chair lost.

This chair, however...


I know, I know... but we like to say that while it may be big and ugly, it's not huge and atrocious. So there.

So, we're pretty pumped. And yes, I know we still need to put up pics of the nursery, but we want to get the finishing touches done before that. We should be done by this weekend... nothing like procrastinating until the very last minute, right?

In other news, I finally broke down when it snowed last week and got some cold weather maternity clothes. I know I swore I wouldn't... but I forgot this one thing about myself: I. HATE. THE. COLD. And, so... with Benny's blessing, I proceeded to drop a good portion of my paycheck off at Motherhood Maternity. This... this is getting old.

Tweet's moving around quite a bit these days... even though the books all tell you that you won't feel as much movement towards the end. These "books"... they LIE.

Benny and I spent the weekend in Park City where I had some meetings for work. Which meant that HE got to spend the day tooling around Park City (or would have, if it hadn't snowed... and by the way? SO NOT READY FOR SNOW!) and I got to spend the day in meeting after meeting after meeting. So that was fun. It was even fun trying to play hide the huge ankles so that people wouldn't stare too much. That game... it's a lot harder than it sounds. As is the game where I try to hide the swelling in my face. Who knew?

Anyhoo... I can't begin to explain to you all how much we are ready for Tweet to join our little family and make it whole.

And... I can't begin to explain to you how at the same time, that thought terrifies me. What if I'm not a good mom? What if she comes out already walking and talking? What if I accidentally drop her??? What if Tweet doesn't have the sweet, laid-back, gentle personality that I pretty much explained to Benny was my requirement for any baby to come into the House That Benny Built and Jaynee Sobbed In Twice A Day Last Week? What if the baby doesn't respond to me? It's happened before... I have this way with babies. And that way is, as a rule they don't like me. What if I can't ever fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants again???

What if, what if, what if???????????

Twelve days, people. TWELVE. DAYS. Am I at the right level of panic yet, or should I consider taking it up a notch?

37 Weeks!!!


Lucinda said...

I don't like the cold either, at all. So it's good to keep warm!

Siren said...

Based on where I was at 37 weeks, I think you're at precisely the right level of panic. : )
And from what I can tell, anyone self-aware enough to worry about being a good enough parent makes the best parents. Tweet's the luckiest girl in town.