Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Final Bump Watch - 38 Weeks

We are now in the official Sitting On Our Thumbs phase of the pregnancy. The hours tick by sooooo slowly. And I often wonder if you can actually drive yourself insane by listening to the tick-tock of the clock. It's a creative form of torture, actually.

And the really bad part about all of this is that since I'm working from home this week (so I don't have to wear pants and look all nice for work) is that I'm literally 30 feet from the kitchen. And at 39 weeks pregnant, and bored to death from waiting for the baby to show up... well, it's just. not. good., mkay?

Seriously, I don't know how stay-at-home mom's aren't all 300 pounds. I'm just sayin'.

My boss is allowing me to work from home this week and it's actually been pretty, I dunno, SPECTACULAR?? I can't believe how productive I've been and how well the Office That Benny Built In The House That Jaynee Made Really Salty Cornbread In (long story), is working out.

This week, Benny's been battling a bit of a cold that just won't go away. And yes... that's made him a bit of a Cranky Pants (it's true, babe... in fact, I do believe you TM'd the phrase Cranky Pants). I understand why he's grumpy though... this whole time he's been working out to be in the best possible shape and condition for Tweet's arrival... and then he gets sidelined with a stupid cold. Not cool.

In the good news department, even though we haven't been taking too many precautions to keep him from infecting me, I haven't managed to come down with whatever he has. There are many theories to this phenomenon from me just having a strong immune system even while pregnant, to his Phoenix genetics betraying him whenever the weather changes in Ogden. But I must admit, I'm more likely to believe that the cause for my immunity is simply that I don't waste my time with petty colds. I like to go for the exotic diseases like whooping cough and maybe scarlet fever thrown in there for color. That's just how I roll in the health department.

This week we've also been putting the finishing touches on preparing for Tweet's arrival. We recently dropped a good portion of our life's savings (don't worry, it's not like we had that much to begin with) at Babies-R-Us to get the rest of the stuff that was on our registry. And, by the way, Babies-R-Us is a total scam. They tell you to put everything you want on your registry and that within two weeks of the due date, you can come and get everything that's still left on your registry for 10% off. Sounds like a good deal, right? WRONG. What they DON'T tell you is that every four months, Babies-R-Us has a huge turnover and most of the stuff that you have on the list, they NO LONGER CARRY. So, unless you don't register until a few weeks before your due date, you likely won't be able to find that cute diaper bag or swing that you registered for. MAKES SENSE, DOESN'T IT?

Yea... you can color me upset with Babies-R-Us. Oh, I'll be back... of this there is no doubt... but I WON'T like it.

We also finally got the curtain up for the closet. I picked out the fabric last month, and my mom put it together and brought it up to us this weekend. I won't get into the debacle THAT proved to be, as I only try to think happy thoughts the week before baby girl is supposed to arrive. But, I will tell you that apparently, I'm not the only one in the family who struggles with measurements and numbers.

After we finally figured out what we were doing wrong (*cough*fourhourslater*cough*) Mom and I headed to the spa to get a pedicure. I've been needing one for a while and decided to pull the trigger so that I didn't offend the doctors and nurses during delivery. And, you know... I also wanted to see how Mom would handle someone other than herself touching her feet. THAT WAS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION ALONE.

Benny's brother and uncle came up to visit last weekend, as well. We decided to bite the bullet and buy his brother's awesome SUV that runs like a dream. And yes... that now officially makes me a hypocrite for railing against SUV's in the past. But I don't care... it's now the safest car we own AND it has a sunroof. So there.

Actually, the need for the SUV presented itself when we realized that the Sonata has like, I dunno, ZERO room in the back seat? And with the way Benny likes to recline his seat while he drives, there was just no way to fit a car seat back there. Guess who didn't think about THAT when they bought the car a few years ago?

We had a great time with Benny's brother and uncle, and with my family. It made the days pass by a lot quicker... well, with the exception of the four-hour debacle with the curtain. But the fact that the curtain debacle kept me from hearing the tick-tock of the clock? I suppose I can live with the inconvenience!

And because I promised you months ago... here are the pics of the finished nursery:

The curtain!

Closeup of the print

Crib and rocking chair

Closeup of the decal over the crib

Changing table

Decals over the changing table.

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greyhound said...

And the old Republican smiles knowingly as he sees the transformation begin. The young and young progressive woman, once gestation is complete, begins her rapid transformation into a nesting animal that eschews the value of SUVs and suburban living. :D