Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Under The Weather!

With all this free time that I had today waiting for Benny to start feeling better and Tweet to NOT come, I decided to take some pics around the yard to show her exactly what she was missing when she didn't come on time. And also to show her what the weather was like around here the week she was born.

The birdfeeder outside our kitchen window. Benny picked up some more seed for me the other day and I was excited to get it ready for my chickadee's and junco's.

Another bird feeder outside the kitchen window. This is the one that Steve the Squirrel prefers to feed from. As well as Steve the Jay that I caught scaring off my little brown birds yesterday. Turns out that both Steves are bullies.

And lookee here! It's Steve the Chickadee!!

I'm still figuring out the settings on our new camera, so some of the foliage pics are out of focus. I can deal... can you?

Pic of some of the mum's out front. I've really let my garden go this year... what with not being able to bend over and weed for the last month or so. And I know I'll pay for it next Spring.

Did you know that sweet peas are perennials at the House That Benny Built? Neither did I. That's just the kind of green thumb I have.

A few of the grapes in the backyard that Bailey hasn't ingested. YET.

Part of the vine in the backyard. Love the red!

If anyone out there has a great recipe for wine, let me know. It's either that or the dog explodes. AGAIN.

The dog run along the side of the house. Fall is seriously my favorite time of year because of the colors and the fact that it can make the dog run look beautiful.

The weeping birch out front.
I honestly can't wait for this tree to change from green to yellow every year!


Siren said...

So glad to hear Tweet is holding out for Benny to feel better! When I had to check in for induction (luckily I went into labor all by myself before they plugged in the drugs) my husband had the flu, was running a 101 fever and they were threatening to make me go through labor by myself because he was too sick to come in! Thankfully his fever broke bare hours before Bear was born and he was allowed into the room with us.

I'm sure the next time I have a chance to steal five minutes at midnight to check your blog Tweet will be happily ensconced in your arms - can't wait to read all about it!

KC said...

Tweet: Just a note from grandma Jean... I spent a few quick mins. with your dad and mom... boy are they excited. your mom is working hard as well as your dad,I sat and watched as he cared to her needs and she with that thankful smile and I felt the love they have for each other and the huge and profound love they want to share with you. oh my little tweet you are in good hands and for this both grandpa and I are so thankful and can't wait to kiss those little cheeks and tell you WELCOME... we love you guys and are waiting....