Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Bean Months 9 & 10

Dear Millie,
I can't believe that you're 10 months old.  I can't believe I didn't write your 9 month update. I can't believe that you don't seem to care all that much that your mother is a complete and total slacker. Yet, anyway.  I'm sure the day will come.  I gotta get my act together, don't I?  Cuz today you're 10 months, tomorrow you're 19 and taking the world by storm.  Not that you're not already doing that but...  Yowza!  Time is flying by!

You have grown in leaps and bounds in the last two months.  So much so that I'm worried I won't be appropriately capture the enormity of the changes that have taken place with you lately with mere words.

First... let's have a round of applause to the Mommy who didn't document when her baby finally graduated from an army-man crawl to a full-fledged LOOKOUTHERESHECOMES! crawl.  That's right... you finally put 2 and 2 together and got a serious case of The Mobility on Thanksgiving.  You took your first legitimate crawl in front of all of your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  It was so very cool! And when you did it, you got this twinkle in your eye as if to say: "Whoa.  That. Was. Awesome.  I'm gonna do that again." And you haven't slowed down one bit since then.  This gives us a great glimpse into your future.

You love to be in the middle of things with your newfound mobility.  And you like to tease your older sister to the point that brain matter drips out of her ears when you touch or look at her dolly or her blanket or her blocks... or her Daddy.  You find it very entertaining.  

You went through a weird little thing when your turned 9 months.  You were waking up in the night to eat.  Which was abnormal for you because you had been throwing down 12-14 hour sleeps for months prior.  We quickly did some research and made an educated guess that it was because you were refusing to eat your baby food in the evenings.  So, you'd wake up at 8, 12 or 3 and need to be fed again.  I never have gotten legitimately mad at you, Mills... but I was really frustrated and remember telling your Daddy that:  "This bleep needs to end. Now.  Of COURSE she's hungry.  SHE WON'T FREAKIN' EAT! BLEEEEEP!!!"

(*I actually did say bleep.  Because your older sister is a verbal sponge right now and I'm already THAT mom.)(And now, the horn on the bus goes bleep, bleep, bleep... rather than beep, beep, beep.)(Who knew?)

Anyway, after carefully rehashing all of the what if's that could be causing this weird behavior, we decided that maybe you just didn't like the baby food we were forcing down your gullet.  So we started to slowly let you have some real food.  And the verdict?  Holy cow... there are not enough hands in the world to shove all of the bananas, peas, spaghetti, pancakes and yes, pizza down your gullet to satisfy you!  It's as if you were starving yourself in a protest to have real food. 

The problem is that up until about a week ago, you still only had your two bottom teeth.  Last week, your two top teeth started to come in, but they're taking their own sweet time about it.  And while you can gum pretty much anything, I still hesitated to give you real food for the very real fear that you would choke.  And, yes... I'll admit that you've choked no less than three times since we started giving you food.  And one time it was serious enough that I had to pull you out of your seat and administer first aid by slapping you on the back until you threw up a little bit.  But you refuse to go back to the pureed foods. So, we've been feeding you a lot of soup, rice, eggs, toast, peas and yogurt.  Sometimes... at the same time.

And you couldn't be happier.

And in the last week, you've had two more teeth start to pop through... so you're in a little bit of pain, although the only way we know this is that you finally hit a 2 on the Fussiness Scale.  So we give you things to gnaw on.  Like a cracker.  Or my neck.  And then give you the Tylenol.  And that seems to work just fine.

You are loving tubby time with your sissy these days.  You absolutely love splashing with her and there's nothing in this world that melts my heart more than hearing and seeing the two of you playing together.  Even if it means we go through towels at twice the normal rate due to all the splashing.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

You have become so interactive in the last two months.  You smile first thing in the morning, you smile all through the day... you just smile all the time.  You love to laugh... although you never really get those uncontrollable giggles that your sissy used to.  But you definitely laugh more overall. I theorize that these are just polite laughs so that Mommy doesn't feel like an idiot for making faces at you and getting no reaction, and that you have quite the discerning sense of humor.  But, when you really find something funny, you REALLY find it funny.

And either way, you always end up in hiccups.

And the thing that you find the most funny right now?  Your sissy.  Oh, my... you think she's the greatest thing since sliced bananas.  You especially find her funny during nekkid time right after tubby time.  Nekkid time is when we let the both of you run/crawl around nekkid and hijinks ensue.  And as long as those hijinks don't end up with Mommy cleaning up said "hijinks", I'm totally cool with it.  And a house full of laughter and love?  That's my overall goal in being a Mommy. 

You continue to be a great sleeper and only occasionally wake up and need a bottle.  Since you've been on real food, that happens fewer and farther between.  You continue to be a Mama's girl.  And I cannot tell you how endearing it is when you see me and your face lights up as if to say: "Yes!!!  There's my people! I'm gonna drool on you now to show you just how much I lurve you!"  

You recently moved into a transitional car seat.  Which, let's me honest... you're not a big fan of.  There's just something about it that upsets you.  But you were just too big for your carrier.  It was like trying to shove a pound of dough into an 8 oz cup.  It just didn't look good, and couldn't have been comfortable.  I just think that you're big on routine.  And the uncomfortable car seat was your routine.  And since we changed that, well... someone has definitely moved your cheese and every time we get into the car and you see that, yep, it's still there... OMG!!  NOT THE CHAIR!  ANYTHING BUT THE CHAIR!!!

Every morning for day care. 

Every evening after day care. 

For the last two months.

So... that's been fun.  The only redeeming quality is that you have a better view of your sissy and out the back of the car, so once we actually get you in the seat, you seem to be just fine.  As long as we're moving. And your sissy is paying attention to you.  You did NOT like the trip to Phoenix when we gave her a laptop to watch Lion King on and she ignored you.  That was so not cool with you.

You're still going to bed pretty early every evening.  Usually by 6:30.  You're starting to already transition out of two naps and just take the one during the day.  Which is nice because if we play our cards right and you cooperate by throwing down a decent nap on the weekends, Mommy and Daddy have some quiet time while both you and your sissy nap.  It's heavenly.  The drawback to the one nappy is that you're down by 6:30... and sometimes at day care, you've only had a 30 minute nap all day and then... yes, that means a short night with you.  But when you've had a good nappy, we'll keep you up until 7 or even 7:30, depending on how things are going.  You immediately know the drill when we go into your room and depending on how tired you are, you'll rest your head on our shoulder and we get to sway with you for approximately 5.4 seconds before you demand to be put in your crib.  Other nights, as soon as the lights go out, you push away and when we put you down and give you your blankie, you're  a goner.  

Oh, your blankie.  You loves you some blankie.  As long as you have your blankie, all is right in your world.  Apparently, if you see your blankie in your bed at day care, you crawl right over, hollering the whole way, and pull it out so you can snuggle with it.  So, when you've gotten a bit fussy at home, I'll grab your blankie and give it to you and... I'll be damned.  It works.  You loves you some blankie.  I gotta figure out when to wash that thing... it's getting pretty rank. 

You are such a joy in our lives, Millie.  We thank our stars every day for you and the joy you've brought to our family.  I cannot imagine my life without you.  I cannot imagine our family being complete without you.

We love you, Mills.


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