Friday, April 9, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dear Hazel,
Today you had your first haircut!!! It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision... but something your Daddy and I had discussed. Because, well... you are definitely a mix of the two of us which means you got my eyes and my bubble butt. And you got your Daddy's nice calves... and hairline. And while the hairline wouldn't really be a problem if you were, say, a 32-year-old dude like your Papa, it doesn't look as awesome on a 5-month-old girl.

What you had going on was a lot of hair in certain places of your adorable little melon... including a serious party on the back of your head... right below a big old bald spot. Yep... the back of your head, up until recently when you started insisting on sleeping on your tummy, was having its growth hindered by you sleeping on your back and rubbing all the hair off of just one little section.

The sides of your head were growing just fine though... a little too well, actually. And what we ended up with was a bald-spotted baby with the equivalent of baby "chops". Kind of like what your Daddy did in college when he was trying to "define" himself. Only... baby style.

(What's that? Daddy had chops? Oh. Yea. He went through THAT phase. But that's another story completely. One that you'll probably hear about when you start getting interested in football players. And when your Daddy starts having anxiety attacks.)

Anyhoo, you and I were just playing together waiting for your Daddy to get his hair cut at Great Clips and when he was done, we decided that while we were already here and the stylist (can you call them stylists at Great Clips?) already had her scissors out... well, why not?

The result? FABULOUS!!! You. Look. Amazing. Your hair really responded to the evening out of the different patches of hair on your dome and I'm seriously considering putting a bow in your hair cuz it looks so good!!!

You were so good during the cut, too. Just sat their sweetly and demurely... sucking on your fingers like the little lady you are. The stylist was amazed at how calm you were throughout the process. And I have to admit, you handled getting your hair cut far better than I do when I get MY hair cut!

Once again, you amaze and humble your parents. We can only hope that this demeanor of yours continues throughout your life. It's hard to believe that just three short months ago, I had nicknamed you The Lioness. Now, the only time I hear you fuss is if someone touches your giraffe or you are unhappy with the warmth of your bottle.

Or the fact that Mommy won't share her Mexican Coke with you.

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