Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter With The Bird

Dear Hazel,
This weekend was your first Easter. And you know what that means? First Easter = First EASTER EGG HUNT!!!

Okay, okay... so with you only being a bit over 5 months, there wasn't a lot of hunting going on for you. But you sure enjoyed watching the older kids hunt and squeal in delight whenever they found one.

We were invited to this particular Easter Egg Hunt by some friends a few blocks away. It was a neighborhood event, but for some reason, they have adopted the three of us as neighbors. Perhaps they realize that there aren't a lot of kids on our street and know that the Easter Egg Hunt is a sacred rite of passage for kids. Or, maybe they want to remember what it was like when they could control their kids simply by sticking a binkie in their mouths. For whatever reason, we are grateful that they let us crash the party.

We started out with a brunch, and as usual, you charmed the pants off of everyone. Even falling asleep on a friend of mine that you hadn't been fully introduced to yet. No matter... when it's time for you to sleep, it doesn't matter when or where. You're out!!!

These last couple of weeks have kind of been tough on you, Birdie. For one, your head cold just won't die. And, your two lower teeth are protruding more and more... which much make your gums ache. Not to mention my finger when you get a hold of it. As a result, our normal 13-hour sleeper is waking up at 2 a.m. and then again at 6 a.m. I think that if we can just get you feeling better, you'll be back on your overnight routine. And, I know... I know.... complaining about having to wake up once in the night for my baby is grounds to have me fired from humanity. But, see... you've been sleeping through the night for the last two months. And Mommy's gotten used to it. As a matter of fact, Mommy thinks it just might be better than chocolate. And that's saying a lot from Mommy. A. LOT.

Anyway, I took you to the doctor (again!) today. Because you've been coughing and sniffling around for the last month, so we're putting you on (gasp!) another round of antibiotics. Hopefully, this will help you start feeling better. We'll see. Seriously, Hazel... I cannot WAIT for cold and flu season to be over. Your father and I did a little calculation the other day and realized that since you started day care in early January, the three of us haven't been healthy at the same time once!!! I just finally got over back-to-back sinus infections (yea... on this one, I'm the reason you got sick) and now your Daddy's come down with it. Welcome to our house... the cesspool. Bring your own mask and gloves.

Speaking of day care, I took you in Friday a little later than normal since you'd had a rough night and fell asleep on the way. And since you needed sleep more than I needed to be to work on time, you and I both took a little nap in the car.

In front of a bakery.

But that's another (embarrassing) story for another day.

I finally took you to day care at about 10 a.m.. When I walked in the door, there were two babies absolutely losing. their. minds. No joke, Hazey... there's crying and then there's OMG THIS BABY'S HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE! Clearly, someone had just finished torturing these babies.

I asked the staff what was wrong.

"Yea.... the Easter Bunny just paid us a visit. And this is the result."

See? I was right!

I'm sorry, but I have to side with the babies on this one... A man in a giant bunny outfit? I think I would have cried, too!

The only thing scarier? Clowns.

Made up of spiders.

Yea... I'm definitely glad we were late.


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