Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bump Watch - 20 Weeks



This week, Benny and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary. It was a long week for both of us. I had my business trip in Anaheim, and Benny had to work nights out on the lakes that he oversees. I had a pretty hard time sleeping all week because the way things work in the House That Benny Built requires that we sleep in the same bed, at the same time. The way things work around here also dictates that no matter what time I have to get up, Benny is required to get up first. If I get up before him for any reason, both of our days are shot. True story.

And, being in Anaheim does not preclude one from these rules. So... not being in the same bed (not to mention same state or same time zone) made sleep damn near impossible. Plus... you know, in hotel room, there's a tv just sitting there waiting for you to turn it on at midnight so you can catch the last half of Harold and Kumar Got To Guantanamo Bay and HOLY COW! Neil Patrick Harris gets killed in this? I cannot abide that.

Anyhoo... when I finally got home and Benny still had to work that night, it was more of the same for me sleep-wise. Not to mention every time I heard the dog snore, I would wake up and immediately have to pee. I'm considering getting the dog a Breathe Right strip. See if that helps.

Friday, Benny had an "epic, babe... EPIC" hike to the top of Malan's Peak and sent me this pic while I was at work. To say I freaked out because he was right on the edge of the cliff was an understatement. I should have known it was a trick of the camera since Benny's never been more than 2 feet off solid ground in his entire life. Cool pic, though.

That night, we celebrated our anniversary early by heading to Salt Lake for an Il Divo concert. We were both excited... but also both extremely tired. Like I said, it had been a long week. And we weren't sure how the concert would be since it was at the Delta Center and it's not known to have great acoustics.

But... HOLY COW!! What an amazing concert! A couple of their songs brought a tear to my eye. When they sang Bridge Over Troubled Water I was done. I slid right out of my chair and became a shuddering puddle of emotions at Benny's feet.

I did have an epiphany on the way to the car after the concert, though. When I took off my shoes because they were uncomfortable, I realized that these particular shoes have NEVER been uncomfortable. And at that moment, I realized what the whole "barefoot and pregnant" stereotype was all about. It's not that it's a reach to figure it out, but you have to remember I've never really given much thought about pregnancy prior to this. And, I guess now I should apologize to all my girlfriends who have been pregnant in the past who, when I've called them to say hello and check up on them, haven't reached through the phone and strangled me (or at the very least started to cry) when I greeted them with my usual: "What up, fatty?"

So, yes... my shoes no longer fit. As a matter of fact, my crocs that I wore to Europe that were just a tad bit too big are now kinda tight. This new development is not sitting well with me... because my crocs were the one thing I could count on, you know? When my pants stopped fitting and my shirts looked like someone had stuffed a double-stuffed oreo into a Barbie work jacket... I knew my crocs would still do their job.

Yea... I give them another week.

- Difficulty sleeping. Because of no Benny and because the belly's starting to make it's demands known.

- I may have been a leetle emotional this week.

- Sleeping in til 10 a.m. is not unheard of. If Benny would just get out of bed, then we could start our day. This is NOT my fault. I would have been up at 9:45 if he'd just gotten out of bed!

- I would really like a Body Pillow.

- My shoes don't fit. I have now become the stereotype. But luckily, my friend Krista told me that flippy-floppys are on sale at Old Navy for $1. Word.

- Found mold on the top of the OJ container... so that craving may have gone away now.

Smells I Can't Stand
- Canned corn
- Other people eating peanuts. Kaycee is in serious violation of this. ALL THE TIME.
- Vinegar... this was just discovered during the writing of this post when Benny came in with a salad with dressing of oil and vinegar.

Bonus Features
- The belly has gotten quite firm this week... making it not only more noticable visually, but has given me a new belly awareness. Especially when I have to bend down to get something off the floor. It's strange but cool.

- Il Divo was amazing and I'm so glad that Tweet got to experience it as well. Il Divo even dedicated a song to the mom's (and mom's-to-be) in the audience. Heads up... my new favorite song is: "MaMa". Benny dedicated it to me personally. Sorry, ladies... I snatched him up first.

Or, you know... this one since I'm now obsessed and have added seeing Il Divo at the Acropolis to my Bucket List.

- I have fired the maternity underwear. They've been donated to the local zoo for the elephants who are looking for a loose fitting undies.

20 Weeks!


Paul said...

Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary and for making to the halfway point. It won't be long before Tweet starts knocking!

Vinegar got to Kelly too. That's why she put me on a rice moritorium.

greyhound said...

Since I'm a problem solver: white noise machine, flip flops, body pillow. Benny--STAT.

OK, I'm done. No need to thank me, I'm just here to help.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh god woman, get yourself a body pillow stat! Or better, one of those C-shaped jobs - have you seen those?

the down side of the pillow thing with pregnancy is that, unless you have a super de duper sized huge bed, there is really no room for a pregnant lady, her pillows, AND her spouse. The cats were virtually kicked off the bed as well. This turns out to be OK since spouses are generally annoyances during pregnancy due to their heat output, breathing, and offputting scent.

Though I love him dearly, I do.