Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Talk About It

Dear Hazel,
Just a quick note to update you on a couple of developments. 

You had your 15-month checkup last week... which means that Mommy subjected you to the terror and torture of a visit to the doctors office... which included the last of your boosters for at least 10 months.  Woo-hoo!  But that means that Mommy wasn't your favorite person right about then.  In fact, you let me know of your displeasure even before the piercing screams during the shots by REFUSING to share your grapes with me.  That's right, you sat on my lap with the bowl in your hands and popped each grape... ever. so. slowly.... into your mouth while maintaining eye contact.  And that eye contact said:  Suck it, Mommy.

But, other than the shots, it was a good visit.  Although the doctor mentioned that at your age, you should have at least a three-word vocabulary. 

See... this was news to me.  Right now, you've pretty much got two words:

- Mo?  Which means more of whatever we've been doing or feeding you.  And we hear mo? mo? mo? approximately 153 times a day. 


- Mamamamamama.  But I don't really think this counts as Mama because you say it whenever you want something in particular.  I'm not sure you even car if Mama is the one who gets it for you.  You just seem to know that if you say that particular word, it gets results. 

So, for the next three months, we're really going to focus on getting you to say more words.  Otherwise, we may have to consider speech therapy.  Blah.

Don't get me wrong, you've said other words here and there.  Berry, moo, milk, hello, me and doggy... among others.  But you don't really ever repeat them.  You obviously understand words.  I can tell you go to get your baby or the ball, and you go right over to it and bring it to me.  We can ask you to go kiss Daddy or go kiss Mommy and you do it.  You also can point to your nose, ear, eye, mouth and feet on command.  But talking?  Not really your thing.  You pretty much prefer to babble.  And while it's a joyous sound to our ears, we're not concerned that you speech is for some reason delayed.  I don't know... I'm probably just worrying unnecessarily... but that's what Mommy's do best.

You still love day care.  A bit too much, I sometimes think.  Lately when I come to pick you up at the end of the day... well, you could really care less.  In fact, you have taken to running away from me.  And when I try to put on your coat or jacket, after having wrangled you into my arms... well, that meltdown is something to behold.  I'm starting to get worried that the staff at day care might think that we beat you at home or something.  In a word?  It's pretty disheartening.  There is nothing in this world that sucks more than knowing that your child doesn't want to come home with you.  I won't lie... Daddy had to let me cry on his shoulder last night because of it. 

But, in your defense... I cry at the drop of a hat these days.  We've got just three weeks until your little sister joins us.  So, I'm pretty much on the edge emotionally 24/7.

We've also started to transition some of your toys into your bedroom and are hoping that teaches you that your bedroom is where you play.  We are still looking for a dresser for you.  Without a lot of luck .  So, we've still got a lot to do in the next few weeks... you know, before the Squirt Bomb of 2011 hits us. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bump Watch - Weeks 34-36

Dear Squirt,
Well... we're officially on the countdown.  Only 25 more days until your arrival!  I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to it.  Or how much we've discussed what to name you.  We've had several "helpful" suggestions from friends and family, and I think now is a perfectly good time to document some of the names that have been ruled out... or vetoed immediately.

- Pearl
- Juanita
- Agnes
- Millicent (your Daddy had a spit-take when I pulled that one out.)
- Zoey (we both love the name, but you have a second-cousin by that name)
- Lila (again... love the name, but cousins already beat us to it!)

Those are just a few of the many, MANY names that have been thrown at us (or by us) in the last couple of months.  I think that the name we're most comfortable with is going to be perfect and I've already been calling you by it just to test it out.  It seems to work!

We went to our doctor's appointment yesterday and got to see that you are head down (right on my bladder) with your bummy shoved up into my ribs and your feet kicking whatever organs are left on the right side of my body.  This has led to the reemergence of waddling.  Which is never a good sign.  And the bummy in the ribs  is constantly leaving me out of breath.  But right now, it's the head on the bladder that's driving me batty.  I don't remember having to pee this much with your sister.  And sometimes it's a total false alarm.  I don't like those at 3 a.m., sweetie.

My friend Sarah came to visit last weekend.  She's pregnant, too.  About 29 weeks in this pic, I believe.

 35 Weeks!

But, as you can see... I win.  In the belly AND the hair department.  Good grief!  Who lets their wife go out like that?

Your nursery is about 90% complete. I finally ordered the wall decals and Daddy and I put them up tonight.  It's super cute and when the room is finally finished, we'll post pics. Just a quick FYI... we took so much care with Hazel's nursery when she was still in utero... everything had to match.  With you?  Well, we got real.  And we scored a free crib.  So you're getting Hazel's old changing table and dresser... still the nicest piece of furniture in the house... and she's going to have to settle for a new dresser that may or may not match the rest of her room.  But honestly?  Who cares?  Do I really think that it's going to upset her if her dresser is white and her crib is dark?  I will not raise a diva.  I. Will. Not.  And you won't care, either, that your dresser is dark and your crib is light.  You wanna know why?  Because there are bigger issues in the world.

Issues like the fact that Mommy needs to use the bathroom right now because you keep head-butting my bladder. 

You've gotten the hiccups quite regularly and it's one of those things that I get to share with you... and no one else knows.  It's kind of fun.  And Daddy finally got to feel you move the other night.  The first time he's gotten that opportunity. You've been moving around a lot more at night, so I guess I can kiss my dream of having a baby that automatically sleeps at night GOOD-BYE.

We are so excited for you to join our little family.  We're even more excited to see if we can actually do it better this time.  Because if you don't know by now, we were pretty much ginormous screw ups when we brought your older sister home.  I truly don't know how she survived those first few weeks with us.  But, she taught us a ton... which we hope we can put to good use on you!

I remember the night Hazel was born... right after delivery when your Daddy was giving her her first "bath".  I remember sitting there... coming down off of all the drugs... and being completely stunned. 

Stunned that we'd finally done it.  Stunned that there was actually this little person that had come out of me and that I was somehow supposed to take care of for the rest of her life.  Stunned at all of the emotions swirling around me.  And stunned that our coupledome was officially over.  Our life... as we knew it... would never be the same.  Of course I thought about that pre-delivery.  Even thought about it pre-pregnancy.  But it doesn't sink in until you're sitting there in a hospital bed, on top of an ice pack with two Tucks pads in your undies and after having a nurse help you to the bathroom so that you can lose whatever is left of your dignity... all while watching the man you love tenderly wash the sore head of your baby for the first time. 

You always think you're ready.  You're not.  And I'm sure that we won't be completely ready for you to make our threesome a foursome.  But we're way more prepared mentally for whatever changes you bring into our lives.  And are so looking forward to it. 

Goodnight, Squirt.  Sleep safe and tight in there for a few more weeks.  We already love you.  And will forever. 


Monday, January 24, 2011

My Little Diva

Dear Hazel,
I'm taking what my friend Carrie told me to heart.  Someday, you're going to ask what you were like as a child and since I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, it's doubtful I'll remember some of the things you're doing right now.  So, maybe instead of monthly updates, I'll update whenever something happens that shows your little developing personality and... style.

Case in point:  This morning I got you ready for school.  It's Spirit Week at day care, so that means it was PJ Day!  (Side note:  Spirit Week?  For toddlers?  REALLY?)  Anyway, we got you in a clean pair of PJ's... due to an unfortunately incident with the applesauce this morning on your other PJ's and I put on your pink princess shoes.  You've never had a problem with them before, and didn't have one today.  (Another side note:  It's possible you need a bigger size, though.)  So, I was surprised that after I put them on, you stood up, looked down at your feet and then made your way to the door where your pink, fur-lined boots were.  You picked one up, brought it to me, sat down and pointed at your feet.

Now, before I go further, let me just tell you that lately, you've become a fan of taking your jacket off, putting it back on, taking it off, putting it back on.  And doing this until Mommy starts bleeding from her ears.  You do this with hats, too.  As well as markers and their caps.  Which I suppose I should be grateful for... since that means you're not busy drawing on our newly painted walls.  Yet. But it gets old and often leaves us running way behind schedule because... "MOM!!!  I took off my jacket and I can't get it back on!  IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!"


Anyway, let's just say that I knew what I was getting into when I caved and took off your shoe and replaced it with your boot.  But, hey... it's not like Mommy has to eventually go to work or anything, right?  Oh... WAIT.  I DO.

So, after I placed the boot on your cute little footsie, you stood up, looked down again and toddled back over to the door to get the matching boot, which you brought back over and had me put on.  I fully expected you to then demand that I put on your princess shoes and we'd play that game over and over until I cried.  But, you stood up, looked down at my bare feet and went to the door where I had my shoes stashed.  You brought over one of my grey slipons.  And yes, I'll admit right now that slipons aren't terribly fashion forward (especially in January) but they're pretty much the only thing that fit my feet these days... and with my belly I'm so not in a place where I can actually tie my shoes.

Anyway, you brought one of the shoes over, and actually put it on my foot.  Seriously.  And then you ran over, grabbed the other one and put it on my other foot!  Then you looked at me, looked at my shoes and I swear I could see you thinking:  "No, no, no... this isn't quite right.", and then went back to get the black pair of shoes by the door.  Which you brought over and placed on my feet.

At that point, you were satisfied and proceeded to go find your milk... sort of a reward for a hard days work of getting Mommy ready for work. 

Afterwards, I loaded you in the car without too much hassle... with the exception of your minor freak out because I had to take your blankie away so I could actually buckle you in and you were SO NOT OKAY WITH IT.  And we were off.  You in your pink princess pj's and pink fur-lined boots.  And me in my black slipons and jeans. 

Next week?  You're gonna help Mommy with her hair and makeup.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monthly Update - Months 14-15

Dear Hazel,
I really thought we had a few more months before the tantrums started.  But, as with many things I've assumed or hoped for in motherhood, I've been proved tragically, traumatically WRONG.  You have taken your independence combined with your inability to verbalize exactly what you want... combined with always wanting to do exactly what Mommy doesn't want you to do (you know... things like bogarting the remote and somehow managing to turn on captions... in Spanish... or throwing the remote into the toilet... those kinds of things. not that either of those have happened yet.  but we're at about 95% of completion on both tasks), well, it makes for one unhappy, throw yourself down face first on the floor and kick your legs like you're frantically swimming away from a shark.... on solid ground... baby temper tantrum.

And oh!  The wailing!  The unimaginable, unspeakable WAILING!

The first time this happened was while we were visiting Phoenix for Christmas.  You had never done anything like it before, so of course Mommy and Daddy thought something was drastically wrong.  Perhaps you'd been stung by a scorpion?  Maybe there was a bat in your diaper biting your cute little behind.  These were the only possible explanations for your behavior.  Which is why we frantically took off all your clothes to check for any of the two possibilities. And when neither a scorpion sting or a rabid bat were found, we just looked at each other and realized that maybe it was because Mommy took away the fork that you were running around with... you know, the one that could POKE YOUR EYE OUT IF YOU TRIPPED?

Anyhoo... your Daddy and I have become quick learners and after that initial tantrum, decided the best thing we could do is ignore it.  Which means that you did NOT get the fork back.  Which equaled the end of the world for you.  And a severe disruption to the world of the family members we were staying with who just wanted to drink their coffee in peace.

It hasn't stopped your tantrums... but there haven't been that many and they're actually not too bad.  I do feel bad when you have one of your tantrums and I see the sadness and tears in your eyes... but yea, I'm kinda over it.

But, on to more positive developments in the last couple of months.  And because Mommy is pregnant up to her ears and is losing creativity and concentration with every passing second, these will be done via bulletpoint.  Cuz that's how Mommy rolls these days.

Miss Independent You have a streak in you, little lady... and I think you may have gotten it from me.  But you don't really need or want our help with anything.  Especially eating.  You've got that taken care of.  You love to eat with your own fork and spoon.  And when those aren't working for you...your hands.  And you're also tall enough to reach whatever Mommy has accidentally left too close to the edge on the countertop.  And then we have a real mess.  And Mommy has to remember that you are taller than the average 15 month old and adjustments need to be made!!

Girl Time.  I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with you in these last few weeks before your sister joins our family.  We've had a few dates at the Treehouse Museum and the coffee shop... where you discovered how awesome your froggy is and that you can stick Cheerios directly on him!

Open, Close.  On, Off.  You are a big fan of opening and closing doors and can keep yourself entertained for a good 10 minutes just by opening and closing a door.  And when you get bored with that, there's always a marker and the lid to the marker that you can put on and take off... on, off, on, off... for another 30 minutes while you walk around the house.  Your little turtle ride that Uncle Vince gave you has become amazing to you once again because you discovered that the seat opens and closes.   

Happy Screeching. Apparently, all the kids in day care with you are taking after one little girl who LOVES to screech.  And you are no exception to the rule.  You love experimenting with your voice and see how well it bounces off of the walls... and Mommy's brain.  It's cute.  Well, it was cute the first time. But after 20 minutes of it, Mommy and Daddy started to have blood coming out of their ears .  But, hey... it's a HAPPY screech.  So, it could be worse. 

My Little Snuggler. I don't know if you somehow know that things are going to change soon... or if you know that it's super uncomfortable for Mommy to pick you up and even hold you at all, but you are all about being carried or held these days.  A far cry from a few months ago when you had just discovered your mobility and didn't want anything to do with being held.  So, it's nice... but it's also hard because you, little girl, aren't exactly light these days.  Probably because you eat all the time.  But that's a whole different bullet point.

It's Time To Eat!!  You know... as soon as you walk in the door from day care.  Or as soon as you wake up for breakfast.  Or from your nap.  Or you know... five minutes after you've had breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.  You eat all the time.  You have breakfast at home, go to school, have your second breakfast and then the day just continues from there. I simply cannot believe how much food you put down in a given day. You're also about to come out of the high chair and get your very own booster seat so you can sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy.  You are still all about chairs, so I expect this to make you VERY happy.

* Favorite Foods.  Blackberries, blueberries, spaghetti, ketchup, potatoes, tomatoes, grapes and clementines.  You are our little fruit kid.   

Foods You're Kinda Over.  Peas - Yea, we kinda pushed that one too much.  Plus... they're peas for Pete's sake.  I can't believe you liked them in the first place. And we also may have overdone the banana's, cuz now you'll only eat about 1/2 a banana before you hand it back to me as if to say:  "What else you got?"

Hats!  Oh my, do you love hats these days.  I can remember when putting a hat on your head was like shoving rusty nails through your eyes.  But now?  You will find a beanie, bring it to either your Daddy or me and then duck your head so we can put it on you.  And the result?  GANGSTA!  Only problem is that you only let it stay on for a minute before you take it off and bring it back over to us so we can put it back on your head.  This could go on for hours.

*   Playdates! You (who are we kidding?  WE) have discovered the beauty that is a playdate.  Our friends Paul and Kelly brought their soon Cooper over a few weeks ago to test the waters of the playdate and WOW!  AMAZING.  Well, to be fair that first playdate you were kind of... what's the word?  Selfish?  Didn't want Cooper touching anything that was yours.  And it's amazing to me that two toddlers don't really "play" with each other on a playdate... rather they play next to each other.  And then pass out for 3 hours.  But on the second playdate, you were much more willing to share your stuff and had a really good time.  Which means that Mommy and Daddy don't have to entertain you!  Serious bonus, little girl!

Know Your Nose You have learned to point to your nose, ears, eyes and mouth when we ask where they are.  And just recently you've added feet to your knowledge base. And of course, belly button.  You also like to point to Mommy and Daddy's noses.  Out of the blue.  As if to say:  "Yep... still there!"

Pick Your Nose. You have discovered the wonder that is sticking your finger up your nose. For this,  I blame your father.

Blankie. Lately, you've been all about your blankie.  Not a specific blankie.  Just whichever blankie is handy.  We've even started to put a blanket on you at night... a first!  And you love to cuddle with it.  That and the pillow pet that Grandma Paskins gave you when you were 2 months old.  You have discovered the wonder that is the froggy pillow pet and Mommy and Daddy are no longer allowed to use it as a pillow.  You will use it as something to snuggle on.  But only when you see Mommy or Daddy comfortably resting their head on it. 

* Our Little Traveler.  For Christmas, our little family headed down to Phoenix to hang out with Daddy's side of the family.  We were a little nervous at how you would handle 7 hours a day in a car seat, but you were an absolute rock star!  You had a lot of fun and were pretty content... as long as we kept giving you crackers or clementines. 

Christmas. Of course, I still haven't written about Christmas in Phoenix, but just know that you had a blast with your cousins.  And Gracie the dog.  You loved you some Gracie.  You also loved trampolines that it seems like EVERYONE had.  Which leads us to...

Trampoline TerrorMy terror.  Not yours.  You LOVED the trampoline.  And Mommy made the mistake of putting you on the trampoline.  You know... because you INSISTED.  And as soon as I did, you took off for the edges of the trampoline.  I guess I should explain that this trampoline was actually sitting on top of a big slab of concrete so that your cousins can practice dunking on their outdoor hoop.  And since Mommy is (say it with me now) pregnant up to her ears, she wasn't able to a) contain you when she was on the trampoline with you and b) contain you when she was on the concrete and you were headed for the edge... of course the edge that was directly opposite of where Mommy was actually standing.  And that made for another temper tantrum when you were banned from the trampoline because you almost sent Mommy into labor.  And then, you know... Daddy made the same mistake the following day and let you on the trampoline. And you pulled the same stunt.  Which also almost sent him into labor and you were once again banned from the trampoline until we could find five other people to surround the trampoline so you didn't bust your face wide open when you fell off. 

Hands Down Your Pants. Lately, you've started sticking your hand down the back of your pants.  We don't know why.  And we had been worried that one of these days, you would surprise us with a nugget of poop in your paw.  Luckily, we've managed to avoid that thus far.  Unfortunately, the ladies at day care cannot say the same.  Twice, Hazel.  TWICE.

Changing a Badger.  There are times that I'm not sure that putting a diaper and pajamas on a rabid badger would be harder than changing and putting clothes on you.  It's become a two-person job at times and I've sometimes had to resort to turning on Sesame Street to distract you from the HORROR that is Mommy putting on your pajamas.

Nightmares.  You went through about a two week phase again of waking up from what I can only assume were nightmares.  It didn't help that while you were going through this, you had a cold and we were on Christmas vacation in Phoenix, so you were totally out of your element.  But, by the time we got back home and got you settled back into your normal routine and were over your cold, you only had a couple of wake-ups that we let you figure out on your own and we haven't had an issue since.

Growth Spurts. Oh, how I'm loving this recent growth spurt.  I know it's a growth spurt, as it's the only way I can explain the 8:30-9 a.m. sleep in every day, and the MASSIVE amount of food you are consuming.  Either it's a growth spurt, or you somehow know that Mommy needs some extra zzz's in preparing for your little sister to join our family and have decided that it's the least you can do.  Either way, THANK YOU!

Chatty Cathy.  You are more and more verbal every day.  You babble to yourself A LOT.  And your favorite things to say right now?  Mama, mamamamamamama and mo?  mo? mo?  While you're saying mo? mo? mo? you are giving the sign for "more".  And most of the time, the mo? mo? mo? comes out of nowhere and Mommy has absolutely no idea what you want more of.  Crackers?  Tomatoes?  Singing Wheels on the Bus?  Mommy having an emotional breakdown over the fact that we ran out of chocolate milk?? WHAT MORE???

Signing Time.  You have been taking sign language classes for about a month and you love it.  Mostly, you love the songs that we sing and you even sometimes do the signs for the songs.  Notably, you like to sign the Baby Signing Time theme song, while rocking your bunny that Uncle Vince gave you.

Singing.  You love it when Mommy sings to you.  And our new ritual driving home from day care is to turn off All Things Considered on NPR (you have no idea how hard this was for me!) and sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, or If Your Happy or Five Little Monkeys.  Over. And Over. And OVER.   You'll even do the hand motions for most of the songs... my favorite is when you shake your finger for "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"  Hilarious.  But really... let's be honest.  I should be paying attention to the road!!!

New Kitchen. Since the kitchen remodel has finished, your habitat has increased quite a bit and you love to run around the new table and down the hall until Daddy comes and gets you and throws you up in the air.  This can go on for hours and it wears Daddy out.  You also enjoy your new habitat that was created out of the box that the new microwave came in.  I bought some washable markers and made some windows in the box for you to look out of, and then you and I decorated it.  As we were decorating, Daddy told me to give you the green marker.  Which was silly because that's what you were already using.  I explained this to him, yet Daddy insisted that the marker I was holding was green.  I tried to explain to him that it was actually aqua... and he proceeded to disagree with me until we both looked at you and realized that you were now chewing on the marker and it was ALL OVER your mouth and face.  And, what do you know?  Daddy agreed that it WAS, in fact, GREEN.

Speaking of Milk.  Guess who has finally started to drink milk at the house, not just at day care?  Woo-hoo!

Rough Housing.  You are a big fan of rough housing with Daddy every night before you go to bed.  And I have to say, I think he's a fan, too.  I can't wait until I'm able to join in the fun!

Brrr!  It's Cold!  Although this winter has been very mild compared to last year, we have had a few snowdays that have allowed us to bundle you up and take you into the great outdoors.  You love getting dressed up and putting on your snowboots.  And yes, the snowsuit might be a little big but you look so funny and cute in it that we just ignore it.  That and we know that give it a couple days... you'll grow right into it!

That pretty much covers the last couple of months.  You have been an absolute angel as of late.  We are so lucky that we didn't screw you up too much in those first few months of your life.  And we can only hope to recreate your awesomeness with your little sister.  She's coming soon.

Are you ready?


PS:  Your monthly updates will probably not be as regular as they have been (as if they've been regular, I know!) for the next little while.  I may try to just update you every few months.   I guess it depends on how much Squirt is kicking my butt.  If she is anything like you... well, you know. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bump Watch - Week 33

Dear Squirt,
You've had an exciting month. There's so much to tell you.  And hopefully you can forgive the fact that I haven't posted more regularly.  But, between dealing with a kitchen remodel that, let's face it, if Mommy wasn't pregnant and ROCKING prego hair, her hair would have turned gray and fallen out ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE, and the 14 hour drive down to Phoenix for Christmas with Daddy's family... well, I haven't had a whole lot of time or energy to devote to keeping up with your progress.  Shoot, I haven't had time or energy to devote to staying awake or buying maternity clothes that fit!  But, again... I'm sorry.  Let's see if we can catch you up on the past five weeks.

Let's start with the most random pregnancy development.  My itchy foot.  The first night my left foot started itching, I didn't think too much of it.  It was just one spot.  But it really itched.  A month later, I was still itching like MAD.  Just that one spot.  And there was NOTHING there.  No rash.  No bump.  Nothing.  Your Daddy would just sit there and chuckle each night when I started scratching.  I finally Googled it and it turns out that it IS something that can happen during pregnancy.  Seems like I've got a super mild case of whatever it is, though.  And at our last doc appointment, I hesitantly brought it up.  And wouldn't you know?  As soon as I talked with the doc about it?  The itch went away.  Like magic.

These last few weeks, you've been kicking like crazy.  All day long.  You're definitely different from your sister that way.  She used to kick at night so your Daddy could feel her.  You?  You apparently sleep at night (atta girl!) and kick all. day. long.  The good news is:  Mommy gets plenty of sleep at night.  The bad news is:  Daddy has hardly ever gotten to feel you kick.  Which is a total bummer for him.

I love feeling you kick, baby girl.  I suspect this is my last pregnancy... I feel like I've basically been pregnant for two years and yea, I'm kinda over it.  But that's made it even more special when I feel you moving around in there.  I know that I'll never feel that again.  What a major buzz-kill.  There is nothing more special than feeling your little baby moving around inside you.  It's something that I'll always treasure and I know I'll miss it.  Even those kicks directly on to my bladder.  Which you're getting WAY TOO GOOD AT.

So, that's what I'll miss from this pregnancy.  What I won't miss?  How incredibly huge I've gotten with you.  Yea, yea... I know.  I have definitely taken advantage of being pregnant.  I haven't passed on a whole lot of desserts during these last few months.  And if anyone dared say anything about how much food I've been shoving down my gullet... well, let's just say that no one has dared say anything.  Probably because they're afraid I'll eat them in retaliation.  Yep.  Mommy's huge.  I actually had to buy new maternity clothes last week because the maternity clothes I bought a few months ago hoping that I would grow into during the final weeks of pregnancy.. well, I grew into them... and then out of them.  Awesome.

I also won't miss the snoring.  And neither will Daddy.  Apparently, it's gotten so bad that your Daddy is amazed I can talk in the morning.  And I suspect that my snoring has something to do with his insomnia... even though he's a Prince and will deny that logic.  But he has mentioned that he doesn't know how I can remain asleep with all that noise.  Six more weeks, baby girl... think he can handle it for six more weeks?

Those are pretty much the only downsides of this pregnancy thus far.  Not bad, I think.

Craving-wise, I'm all about sweets these days.  If I could have chocolate or a pastry for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day?  My life would be complete.  But lately, I've also had a strange craving for ham.  In my salad.  Weird, right?  Also, I've started craving a 1/2 glass of OJ every morning... just like I did with Hazel.

Speaking of your older sister, she has been fascinated with you.  Well... you in my belly.  She likes to hit my belly and stick her finger in my belly button.  Then she'll pull up her shirt, and hit her own belly and play with her belly button.  She knows something's up... but she's just not sure what.  I'm not quite sure what the first few weeks of your life are going to mean to her.  I hope she takes it well.  Lately, she's become kind of a holdy baby... which sucks timing-wise.  It's hard for me to pick her up these days, for fear that it's gonna somehow hurt you, or me.  So, Daddy's had to jump on the Hazel Grenade the last few weeks.  He has to put her down each night and has to pick her up and carry her around whenever she gets the "Pick-Me-Up Fussies".

I still can't believe we're six weeks out from meeting you.  Time has absolutely flown by.  We have soooo much left to do to get ready for you to join our family.  The nursery isn't even close to being done.  I still have to decorate it, find a dresser, changing table and white noise machine and organize all of the newborn and 3-month old clothes of Hazels that you'll be wearing. And I also need to find a cute outfit to bring you home from the hospital in.  OH THE STRESS OF DELIVERING A CHILD IN A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY!!!

The bump watch picture below was taken in the house in front of the new wall color.  Yes, it's a color.  It just doesn't look like one on film.  I took it inside because it's just too cold to pose outside.  Once the kitchen is completely done (fingers crossed that it'll be done by Monday of next week!) I'll post a bump watch in it. 

Until then, please know that even though I'm not updating your first few months of life as much as I did Hazels, you are always on my mind.  And on my bladder.

 33 Weeks!