Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nine Month Update

Dear Birdzo Butts,
It's been a while since I've written, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me. This last month has been.... WOW. Crazy. Like pink elephants, crazy. But not the kind you get from drinking a little too much at the circus. Rather, the kind where you throw up your hands and exclaim: Really? Pink elephants? IS THAT ALL YOU GOT, WORLD?

And because of the craziness, I haven't posted about your first trip to the beach! But, it's coming. I promise. Eventually. Hopefully by your second trip to the beach next year.

But, let's get over the fact that Mommy's a bit of a procrastinator these days and talk instead about what a magical month this last month has been, mkay?

First and foremost, the biggest event of the past month? GUESS WHO HAS BECOME MOBILE??? That's right, on July 11th, you took your first crawl. And we've been screwed ever since!!! Seriously... it's like you've discovered this whole new world that you haven't been a part of for the last 8 months and MUST DISCOVER EVERY. SINGLE. NOOK. AND. CRANNY. OF. IT. All before you go to bed each night. Every day blows your mind and I'm not confident that you're not just a teeny bit upset with us that we've been keeping this newfound world from you. I'm telling you, once you found your so-called legs? Nothing can contain you! Overnight, our perfect, adult-styled house had to be completely childproofed so that the Hazel Bird wouldn't be able to stick her fingers in the sockets, or pull the bookcases down on top of herself.

It's like you know when there's something in the vicinity that you're NOT supposed to play with... and that's the thing that you hone in on. I mean, why bother playing with all the toys that Mommy and Daddy got for you when you can lick Daddy's flip-flops? Or tear apart Mommy's magazine? Or strangle yourself on our blind cords? Or slobber all over my cell phone?

You've also discovered the wonder that is opening and closing doors and drawers. So, before we were finally able to childproof the drawers and doors, you were under constant supervision in the kitchen. And man... do you LOVES you some drawers. Especially the ones with the towels in them. I know I'll rue the day when you figure out the drawer on the oven.

Sidenote: Honestly... it's taking your Daddy and I a lot longer than we expected to get used to the new baby-proofedness of our house. Every morning, we forget that drawers and doors have been "fixed" and what you hear is an attempt at opening a drawer, followed by a under-the-breath "damn!". If it wasn't so pathetic - because this is our life for the next couple of years - it would be funny.

Daddy also had to put up a gate by the stairs... which you are already trying to break down. Why? Because CLEARLY we don't want you there. Therefore... YOU. MUST. BE. THERE.

I think that your new mobility is wreaking havoc on your sleep schedule. You used to be a great little sleeper at night. We could put you down, almost wide-awake, and you'd roll over to your side, stick in your thumby and it was night-night. FOR 12 HOURS. Now? Well, you refuse to go to bed unless you've been up for at least four hours. And then, when we do get you down, you wake up after 45 minutes and we have to go in and rock you back down. We're a little concerned that you're about to the stage where we're going to have to let you cry it out. I was hoping to avoid that stage all together. But it appears that your newfound freedom has given you a bit of an... attitude. I HATE listening to your cries, Birdy. It's the single-most awful sound in the world. Even worse? Someone has taken up the new routine of bagging her head against the bars in the crib. And either you have a high pain tolerance... OR you simply don't learn. Because after one night of letting you cry it out for 5 minutes? The next morning, you had three bruises on your beautiful little head. Not that it seems to bother you too much... but it bothers the hell out of me!

You've also started a new thing where you wake up at 3ish in the morning and we have to run in and pat your back until you go back to sleep. So that in an hour, you can wake up again and need to have your back patted to go back down. And lather, rinse, REPEAT. So, your Daddy and I have been taking turns spending the early, EARLY morning hours asleep in your room. So... that's fun.

This month has also brought new additions to your diet. Your normal breakfast these days is a bowl of oatmeal cereal, a whole banana and a piece of toast.

Couple of things that need to be mentioned here:

- The oatmeal cereal. So, most babies are on rice cereal. You, apparently need more fiber than the rice cereal provides. Because you, my dear, have had full formed turds greet me when I change your diaper. In fact, I've taken to naming them since a couple of them have even had faces. But, the most prevalent poopy in the block is Hanky. He comes out with a Santa Claus hat on and jumps around everywhere saying "Howdy, Ho!". (Yea... you can take the girl out of college, but you can't take the college out of the girl! And I'll explain that one to you when you're about 18.)

- The toast? DON'T MESS WITH THE TOAST. You love, love, LOVE toast and if I have to take it away from you for any reason... like to give you your milk? HEADS. WILL. ROLL.

You pretty much eat anything these days. Interestingly enough, you're not a big fan of yogurt. Or cottage cheese. I don't know if it's the cold or the actual taste, but you're just not down with it and I usually end up with yogurt spit out all over the high chair.

Also this month, you came down with a weird case of pneumonia. In July. Really? Really. That was fun. I have never heard such a horrible, horrible cough. It sounded like a 60-year-old smokers cough and you had absolute fits with it. It was awful, but you pulled through. It only took one day of antibiotics for you to show some improvement. But, man... I hate that you've been on antibiotics so much!

Not that it's been affecting you in any way. You're still growing like a weed. In short, you're HUGE. Not fat, just long. You currently fit in 12-18 month old clothes and I just can't keep up with the new clothes you constantly need.

You've also discovered the joy that is playing ball. You love, love, LOVE playing with the ball. And since you've become mobile, you're able to throw the ball across the room and then crawl to it... so that you can throw in back across the room. You also like to throw the ball to Mommy and Daddy and provide us hours and hours of fun.

You also are a big, BIG fan of animals. Any animals. Especially cats. Whenever I take you outside to put you in the car and you see Nytro, you start screeching like a piglet. It's adorable. It's even more adorable that when I put you down to let you pet the kitty while she's eating, you just stick your hands out, but refuse to touch her. But the squeal is ever present and ever hilarious.

To celebrate your 9-month birthday, we went downtown at the Pioneer Day Parade, so that you could squeal at the horses, and then the Farmer's Market before we headed to some friends house for Pie-N-Beer Day. You were so excited to see so many kids at the party and I know you can't wait to start walking so you can keep up with them.

Oh... and another new thing you've taken to this month. You loves you some of Mommy's hair. I'm holding off on the prediction that you're bound to be stylist. But I'm still holding out hope that you'll be able to do your hair better than Mommy has ever been able to do her hair. Cuz if not... we're gonna have some problems in your teens!

Some other big news during your ninth month of life: You're gonna be a big sister! I told your Daddy on Father's Day, while you were chewing on his Father's Day card. It wasn't exactly a memorable moment for you, but I think your Daddy will remember it the rest of his life.

So, your little brother or sister will be here around February 19th. Which means that you'll be approximately 16 months apart. Which, in turn, means that Mommy and Daddy aren't going to get any sleep for the next year. Please be patient with us, though! It'll all be worth it once you have a baby to play with!