Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Playhouse!

With the weather hopefully starting to turn warm soon, Benny and I decided that the girls need more living space.  Of course, for Millie that just means adjusting the snuzzler in the car seat.  So for now, the new living space is benefiting Hazel.

Benny worked on the house every day that it wasn't raining.  Which, in the last two weeks has been exactly two days.

 Seriously... it even comes with a sink and a grill!  Not to mention the working doorbell.  Which is something our house doesn't even have!

The finished product is freakin' adorable and we can't wait for the girls to play in it!  It's obvious to me that I'm going to need to get some supplies.  Hazel's upset that the sink doesn't have real running water, but I think if maybe I get her some plastic food and dishes, she'll get over it.  If not, there's a hose nearby.

 We just need to plant some flowers in the pots under the windows.  But since someone keeps pulling Mommy's tulips and bringing them to me in a way that makes my heart melt, we may decide to do fake flowers for the time being.

I'm already imagining play date with friends and tea parties with dollies.  And possible, maybe if Mommy chills out just a little bit when they get older, sleep outs!

Next up, Daddy's building a sandbox!!

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