Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Bean's Two-Month Update

Dear Millie Bean,
You are 2 months old!  Can you believe that?  2. Months!!!

Your first two months have been pretty damn chill, Mill.  There's not a whole lot to complain about with you.  You're just a sweetie and never get too bugged about anything.

 Millie Bean - 8 Weeks Old

Wait... wait... that's not entirely true.  There are a couple things that cause my little bundle of sweetness to cry out in frustration.

But before we get into that, let me state for the record that you tolerate a lot of things.  You sleep through your sisters screeches of delight or despair.  You don't mind when I accidentally squirt breastmilk in your eye at 4 a.m.  You are cool with being in the car seat, the gym or the swing for extended periods of time.  You don't mind being out and about in the world, so I actually get to show you off to people rather than cower in the house afraid that something might startle you, causing you to lose your mind.  You don't need a bath to calm you down... cuz you're always calm. You sleep well in your crib.  In general, you're just a very agreeable baby.

Unless you have a wet diaper.  Holy hell, the scream you unleash on this world when your diaper is wet or dirty!  You DO NOT TOLERATE A WET DIAPER . And it's interesting... because with your older sister, I was never really able to differentiate her cries. I just always assumed she was crying because she was hungry.  Or just trying to make me lose my mind.

But you?  Well, you have a definite CHANGE MY DIAPER, MOMMY!  cry.  It starts out as a whimper.. like you're trying to give us time to change it before shit gets real.  And if we don't figure it out in time?  Yea.... the whole neighborhood knows that you need a new diaper . But once that diaper is changed?  You return to your regularly scheduled awesomeness.  Usually you fall asleep but occasionally, you stay awake and grace us with your beautiful smiles.

The other thing that gets your diaper in a bunch?  Skin-to-skin contact that causes sweating.  You are no down with any kind of sweat on your body.  So, I guess that means you're not just a Diaper Diva, you're a  Dryness Diva.  You apparently must be dry at all time, in all places of your body.  And let me tell you... that's pretty difficult to accommodate in baby.

You are only putting together about 4 hours in a row at night.  I'm really hoping that we hit the 6 hour mark in the next month or so.  I sometimes think that it's because we've got you wrapped up and you get a little warm and makes you break your No Sweating Rule.  But I can't NOT wrap you up because your damn arms are still Crazy Arms.  I'm hoping that this little neurological issue will clear itself up soon cuz Mommy goes back to work in another week and I need to get some rest at night cuz I can't make up for it during the day anymore.

Speaking of night feedings... yea, you're pretty much a pain in the booty to get back down after the 3:30 feeding.  It's been going on for quite some time now and I've given up trying to rock you back down and instead just hold you, kick up my feet and fall asleep.  After a while, you fall asleep to.  I usually wake back up at 5:30 and put you back in your crib.  Then I go to bed and fall asleep until your sister starts squawking around 6:30.  Which is also about the time you start to regain conciousness.  Awesome.

So far, the mornings with you and your sister have been fine.  Then again, I haven't been showering and trying to get ready for work while keeping the two of you happy.

You have really started to smile in the last couple of weeks.  After every feeding, you look up at me and smile and then we spend a few minutes smiling and laughing at each other.  I can't even begin to express how much I'm gonna miss that when I have to start back to work full-time and you start day care.  I'm worried that the ladies at day care (whom I adore) won't take the time to encourage you to keep smiling like that.  I'll have to give them a heads up. 

You'll note the cute onesie... custom made for you by my friend Erica who has been a great example to me of everything I could be doing crafty.  She's encouraged me so much that I've actually considered going to the local craft shop and not have a panic attack.  This... this is progress for your Mommy.  Hopefully by the time you're old enough to read this, you'll be able to think to yourself:  Really?  Mommy was once afraid of arts and crafts?  But she did a self-portrait out of nothing but elbow macaroni and food coloring the other day and it's AWESOME!

Right now, you're sound asleep in your swing.  You love that swing.  I love that swing.  That swing is the Baby Whisperer.  But, I think you have a wet diaper as you're starting to wake up. Damn those wet diapers!


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