Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Rash

Dear Hazel,
As I write this, you're having a party in your gym. At 8:15 at night. No one has yet told you that the gym closes at 8 on Saturday's.

So, this week has been interesting. When we went down to St. George last weekend, we noticed a little rash on your left arm. This, on top of your head cold, prompted us to call the doc. He assured us that the rash was probably just an irritation or possibly heat rash and that it should clear up shortly.

Boy, was HE wrong. So, so, SO. WRONG.

In the last week, that little rash on your arm moved up to your neck, then to your cheeks and then down your back and onto your stomach.

It didn't seem to bother you in the least. But Mommy and Daddy had serious concerns. So, we took you to the After Hours Clinic on Wednesday to see if it was something we should be treating. The doc who saw you didn't seem too concerned that it was anything like you developing an allergy to the formula, or even exzema. She didn't really know what it was other than just a rash. Lovely. She gave us some advice that we shouldn't be bathing you every night as your skin was probably getting dried out, and that we should be moisturizing you with Eucerine during the day. She also prescribed HydroCortisone. When she did, your Daddy and I both had a raised eyebrows moment. Steroids? On our little baby? FOR. REAL???

So, being stupid and willing to try anything to fix you, we got the hydrocortisone and put it on you that night. And twice Thursday and Friday. And during just those three days, our little happy, energetic girl turned into a lethargic CRANKY PANTS. And not just a cranky pants, but a cranky pants who eats CONSTANTLY. And not just constantly. Seven ounces per feeding. And sometimes with only 2 hours between feedings. You're already 15 pounds 's baby girl. But these last few days... you've likely put on a couple of extra poundaroos because honestly, we must be starving you to death with as much as you demand to be fed! I know it's probably just the steroids messing with you... but it's rather quite disturbing. We're two weeks out from giving you rice cereal. And trust me when I tell you that day cannot come soon enough!!

But, I digress. After a long Saturday of crankiness and us wondering where our sweet, happy child went, Mommy went for a long run and decided that the hydrocortisone had. to. go. We hadn't really seen much improvement in your rash since using it and just didn't feel good about it. I'm hoping that in the next few days, you can get it all out of your system and we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I think it's already working, as we haven't put any on you since 7 a.m., and you are just chattering up a storm over there in your gym. Well... chattering when you don't have the pink puppy dog's foot in your mouth, that is.

We've also changed your laundry detergent so that it has no dyes and no fragrances... just in case that's also causing problems. It's never been a problem before, but you can never be too careful, right? The plan is now just to keep you moisturized and hope for the best. The rash on your face seems to be clearing up somewhat.... I don't credit the steroids, though. I credit the Eucerine. And the lack of baths.

Ah... the lack of baths. It's been such a bummer that you can't take baths. I love bathing with you and you absolutely adore bath time. It might just be the greatest thing in your world. Seriously. We may be training the next Olympic gold medalist. You love bath time THAT. MUCH.

Well, I just put you down and I'm hoping for a long night of sleep. As usual, you can be counted on for 8-11 hours of sleep. If only your internal alarm clock went off at 7 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. That would make... well, my life!


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