Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three-Month Update

Dear Hazel,
I'm a couple of weeks late for your three-month update. Please forgive me, but things have been a little crazy around here as of late. A couple of weeks ago, your Daddy and I both got a touch of stomach flu and had to visit the ER. Your Daddy got discharged that night, but I had something else going on and had to be admitted. $12,786 later and we still don't know what was wrong with me for those three days I had to stay in the hospital. The only thing I cared about was that you didn't get whatever I had. Because baby girl... don't nobody want what I had. And I just couldn't have handled you being so sick and not knowing what was wrong with you.

Luckily, your grandparents and Aunt were able to step in and help out while your Daddy and I were recovering. When I finally came home after three days in the hospital, I couldn't believe how much you had grown! You were like a whole new baby! I didn't get to hold you for another day just to make sure that I didn't infect you or anything. And, I wasn't able to breastfeed you for three days after my last dose of nasty antibiotics. And I cannot tell you how much that killed me. I didn't realize how much I truly enjoyed breastfeeding until it was taken away from me suddenly. And you were confused as well... every time I gave you a bottle, you would look at me like "What did I do wrong? Why can't I get some nip?"

I can't tell you how much I looked forward to and enjoyed our first feeding post antibiotics. It was absolutely amazing and made me so grateful that we have this between us.

You have become quite the baby lately. You smile all the time and are just so darn happy... especially in the early morning when you wake up for a feeding. So. Happy. I'm not so much a morning person myself, but when I go into your room to feed you in the early morning, any grumpiness I may have had disappears instantly when I see your smiling face. And you are just so excited to see me... I'm pretty sure that you pee your diaper AGAIN, just from excitement.

You've started going to bed between 7-8 at night and can usually sleep through the night until 6ish. Usually, when people talk about a baby sleeping "through the night", they're talking 6 hours of straight sleep. But you've been doing that since you were about 2 months old. Nowadays, you can usually be counted on for between 8-11 hours of sleep. And THAT, baby girl, is amazing.

Your neck is getting so incredibly strong and I feel like it's just a matter of time before we can put you in your baby seat at the table with us during dinner and you can just sit there supporting the weight of your own head without any help from us. You LOVE tummy time and we actually caught your very first roll over from tummy to back on camera.

You talk ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes in the early morning when your internal alarm goes off at 6 a.m., your Daddy and I will lay in bed and just listen to you babble to yourself for 15 minutes or so. There honestly is not another sound in this world that we love more than your coos, ga-ga's and happy shrieks. Oh, that's right... you have shrieks of delight.

You LOVE bath time... and I think it's one of the reasons that you now go to bed at 7 or 8. You know that at the end of the day it's BATH TIME!!!! And bath time is party time. Especially when Daddy does the bath and turns you into Elvis.

Or George Washington.

You are growing so, so fast, Hazel-Bird. Your clothes are getting a leetle tight and short. The last time we checked last week, you were almost 15 pounds!! But it's not like you're a chunky monkey... you're just so loooonnngggg. I'm worried you're going to grow out of your swing and your car seat, and your bath chair! Not from weight... but from length! And then what are we gonna do???

You've discovered your hands and love to shove them in your mouth and stare at them. Usually while talking to them. About them. And quite frankly, you're setting a bad example for Daddy.

And since you've found this new trick, you constantly have spit all over your hands and you drool like a fat kid looking at a cupcake. ALL THE TIME. No wonder they have you in a bib all day at day care!!! You also like to grab things and hold on really, REALLY tightly. Like, for instance... Mommy's hair. Or Mommy's nose.

I cannot keep up with your fingernail growth and feel like the world worst mother when I pick you up out of your gym (by the way, you love your gym) and see a big. long. red. scratch down the side of your face. And then I have to go find the finger culprit. And you're just so damn happy that I can't get you to keep your hands still so that I can trim your nails.

You also have taken to swatting things away... like, for instance your bottle. Or my arms when I try to put saline drops in your nose. You're incredibly strong for a three-month-old. And you know what you like and what you do. not. like. You take after me that way.

You love your Daddy, baby girl. Since your neck has gotten so strong, Daddy's able to hoist you in the air like you're Superman.... something that you absolutely adore. As I'm writing this, you and Daddy are both on your tummys facing each other and babbling to each other. Might just be the most precious thing I've ever seen.

On Wednesday, you came home from day care with a bit of a head cold. Which was unfortunate because we were driving down to St. George on Thursday. You had kind of a long night Wednesday, but it wasn't too bad and we still took off for The George Thursday morning. We had a quick hour "lay-over" in Santaquin after Daddy accidentally backed up into a car at a gas station. It really was something that couldn't have been helped... since we had the Pilot packed to the max with OUR ENTIRE HOUSE. But it didn't seem to phase you at all and you had a good time talking and eating your hands.

We got to St. George and went for a quick walk up the mouth of Snow Canyon. We did this before eating dinner... even though we had skipped lunch... because, Hazel-Bird the SUN. WAS. SHINING. And it was like 50 degrees. And Mommy and Daddy were in desperate need of some Vitamin D. You, on the other hand... well, let's just say that in your short life you haven't seen a whole lot of sun and when we took you out and uncovered the stroller so that you could experience it, it was a definite shock to your system. Enough so that we covered you right back up and apologized profusely for ruining your life with this sun thing. This is going to take some getting used to when Ogden finally comes out of its deep freeze sometime in May. Hopefully by then, your little brain will figure out that the sun is a naturally occurring phenomenon and you won't be freaked out by it.

Anyway, Thursday night when we put you down to sleep, your nose was a little gurgly... and it really didn't surprise us when you woke up after a couple of hours cuz you couldn't breathe. The only things we can do for you right now is run a humidifier in your room - something we've done since the day you were born - and use Little Noses saline drops and a bulb syringe to suction out all the snot. And there's a LOT of snot right now. I feel so bad for you whenever we have to suction... you HATE it. But you also hate not being able to breathe. It's sort of sixes for you right now, kid.

Friday, we decided to let you sleep in the swing overnight... hoping that you being in more of a reclined position would help the drainage. You've always slept well in your swing, so we figured it was a no-brainer. But, again... you were up every three hours. You haven't been up every three hours at night since you were just a teeny-tiny screaming bundle of nerves, baby girl. It's very distressing for both you and us.

Saturday, we put you back in the Pack and Play to see if it was just the swing that was bothering you. Nope... you were again up every three hours. The problem is that you have a Poorly Timed Sneeze which wakes you up. And then you think: "Hey... I'm up and I'm a leetle hungry...... MOM!!!!!!!!!!!"

We came back home today and you pretty much slept the whole way home. Although you did have about 30 minutes or so of some pretty serious fussing. See, your general "fussiness" includes about two squawks and then you'll either fall asleep or smile and forget about what you were so upset about. So 30 minutes? Unheard of. You just don't feel so good, baby girl. And I feel so bad for you.

Tonight, you were so fussy and upset because of your cold that the only way you'd go to sleep was on Daddy's chest. Let it be understood right now, Hazel, you are SUCH a Daddy's girl. And he loves it. In fact, after I gave you a bath and attempted to nurse you down as is our normal routine... even when we were in St. George... it was Daddy who finally had to come take care of business and lull you to sleep with the Daddy Special. Something that Mommy has not yet been able to replicate.

I'm hoping that tonight is the worst of the cold and that tomorrow you'll begin to rebound. I have a feeling that it's going to be a very long night for everyone in our house... but mostly for you. But I must say that given your cold and the travel and just not feeling very good? You are a superstar. You have handled this cold with grace... trust me when I tell you that I get way more irritable when I have a cold than you have been. And we won't even talk about how your Daddy gets!

Well... Mommy and Daddy are wiped and I expect you to be up in a couple of hours so we're going to head to bed. We will be praying that you start to feel better, baby girl. It breaks my heart to know that other than just giving comfort, I can't make this better. Your crying tonight has been like a flashback to the first five weeks of your life. Only this time, there is actually something wrong. I didn't think anything could be more frustrating than a baby that cries for no reason... turns out, not being able to help a crying baby who is crying for a specific reason is 10 times harder.


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