Monday, September 7, 2009

I Dream of Tweety

Hello, Tweet. You may be wondering why I haven't written to you for so long. I could tell you that I've been busy with life, busy building your nursery or working long hours. While each of those excuses are plausible, none of them are adequate to explain my absence. The only thing I can say is that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for being scared to disappoint you with the things that I write. I have always had high expectations of myself, but those expectations will never compare to the expectations you will soon have of me.

Knowing that you will one day read this blog is terrifying. Thinking of the day that you scrutinize my words, my motives, my thoughts and my feelings is very intimidating. Nevertheless, I dream of you each and every day, and as your father it is my privilege to share those dreams with you.

You should know that I dream of the day when you come into this world. I dream of meeting you for the first time. I dream of your eyes, your smile, your heart and your spirit. I dream of sleepless nights, of messy diapers and endless crying. I dream of comforting you during those times of need. I dream of your personal growth and my fatherly influence on that growth. I dream of your first words, the meaning of those words and the first time you look me in the eye and call me Daddy. I dream of your first day of school, the bow in your hair and the nerves in your heart. I dream of the friends you will make, the hearts you will touch and the lives you will one day change. I dream of swim lessons, teaching you to ride a bike and tying your own shoes. I dream of your first day of school, your high school graduation, your first day of college and your wedding day.

I dream of everything that you are, everything you will be, and everything we will experience together. You are the dream that never ends, the love of our lives and the light at the end of every tunnel. For these reasons you are the sunshine in our hearts that nourishes our lives and gives our hearts the energy to love endlessly.

One day soon, Tweet, my dreams will come true and your sunshine will light the spirits and warm the hearts of the rest of the world. Until that day we'll dream of your sunshine and prepare the world for your beaming arrival.

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greyhound said...

And they say men don't express their feelings.