Friday, May 31, 2013

Colorful Morning

"I want OATMEAL for dinner!"
"You mean breakfast?"
"No! I mean OATMEAL!"
"Well, maybe if you ask nicely for some oatmeal for breakfast, I will make you some, Hazel."
"Can I pleeeeaaaassseeee have oatmeal?"
"Sure!  Do you want pink oatmeal?"
"Millie, do you want pink oatmeal, too?"
"Okay! You can have pink oatmeal, too!"
"(sobs) She said no to me!"
"She said no to ME, not you.  Why are you crying?"
"Oooookkkkaaayyyy. (sniffle)"
"HEY!  I want the blue bowl!"
"YAY!  I get the blue bowl!"
"NO!  I get blue bowl."
"(sobs and whining) Mama!  She said no to me again!"
"Hazel, it doesn't matter if Millie says no, I said yes.  For the last time, don't worry about it!"
"Okay!" Turns to her sister in an annoying sing-song voice:  "Ha ha!  I get the bluuuueeeee bowl!"
"(sobs) Sissy not niiicceeee!"
"Hazel, stop. No teasing.  Millie, you can have the green bowl."
"NO!  I want pink bowl!"
"Sorry... pink bowl is dirty."
"Noooooooo!" as she dissolves into a physical puddle on the floor. "I want the pink bowl!"

And that's exactly how we started the morning.

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