Thursday, March 7, 2013

Apologies In Advance To Aunt KC

As we were driving home from school today, we passed Odyssey Elementary School, and I pointed out how cool that school is because it has a spaceship built into it.  It was Hazel's first experience with the word spaceship, so I channeled my inner Neil deGrasse Tyson to attempt to explain to her about space and astronauts going to the moon.  It helped that I had just watched the video below and was still feeling inspired:

And by the way, I'll just put it out there right now... I've totally got an NPR/Daily Show-induced crush on Tyson.  And Ira Glass.  And Peter Sagal.  And given the fact that NdGT is a scientist, I really think I could get approval from Benny to get him on my Laminated List.  And that particular joke right there will only be understood by a select few people of my generation who were as rabid fans of Friends as I was. 

Anyhoo, so there we were, driving along talking about how cool it would be to go to the moon and, BTW... why has no one ever told me about the genius and hilarity of conversations with 3-year-olds? Had I known that the light at the end of the tunnel during those first few months of newborn hell included the innocent and sweet humor that only a three-year-old can produce was just 36 months away, I would have certainly considered not crying every night.

Seriously...there is honestly no one on this planet that can make me laugh as hard and as heartfelt as The Bird.  How can you not laugh when the following conversation takes place:

"So, do you want to be an astronaut and go to the moon?"
"Yea!  I do!  And I can bring Millie?"
(Heart swells with pride) "Sure!  You can bring Millie!"
"And you?"
"Yes!  I'll come, too!"
"And Daddy?"
"I bet he would want to come, too!"
"Should we bring Bonnie?"
"Yes... I mean, NO!!"
"Why not?"
"That's because Bonnie will poop and pee on the moon."
(Must control laughter) "That's true..."
"And she will poop and scratch  and chew and ruin the moon."
"But since there's no gravity, the poop and pee would float!"
"I know!  Floating poop!!!  But we could put a diaper on her. That would help and she could come then, right?"
"Yea!  But she has to have a diaper on."
"Okay.  What about Aunt KC?"
"Aunt KC can't come!"
"Why not?"
"That's because she'll poop on the moon, too!!"
(DYING) "Maybe we should put her in a diaper, too?"
"Aunt KC can't be in a diaper, Mommy!  That's just silly!  That was a silly question."

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