Friday, April 20, 2012


Dear girls -
So many other things I need to write about (Hazel sleeping in a big girl bed, Millie's first birthday, my ingrown nail on my birdie finger...) but I have to write about this while it's still fresh on my mind as it's a memory I never want to forget.

Last night, it was Girls Night In.  Daddy had a meeting that ran until really late, so it was just us.  I never know how the two of you are going to be when it's 2-on-1.  Usually, I end up frustrated and just grateful that you both finally went to bed as I couldn't handle another second of the butt kicking.

But last night.  WOW.  I've seen the two of you happy before... but never to the extent you were last night.  You both sat patiently (um, what?) waiting while I cooked dinner (chicken nuggets as per Hazel's request), grapes and homemade potato chips (your Mommy watches too much Food Channel).  There was a lot of laughter, a lot of blaming Millie for being stinky when we all know it was Hazel who was being stinky (more on that later) and then some more laughter.  During that, Millie also managed to shove a whole potato chip in my mouth as though she were feeding quarters to a slot in Vegas.  And then some more laughing.

Then it was Tubby Time. Hazel was excited... Hazel has always loved baths.  Millie... was. not. excited. However, while I bathed Hazel, Millie kept playing with the water and throwing bath toys into the tub.  And a couple of times I caught her trying to crawl in, so I picked her up and put her in.  Waterworks. So, back out of the tub we came.  And then we continued to play with the water and bath toys.  Another attempt to get in.  Another round of waterworks when I placed her in.  After three rounds of this, I decided it was time for Millie to get over whatever issue she has with baths as it was becoming way too big of a hassle for Mommy to deal with.  So, I just left her in the tub... standing up... crying... screaming... and "Oh wait!  Is that a cup of water?"  

All. Better.

Months.  MONTHS THAT THIS TUBBY TIME ANXIETY HAS GONE ON, MILLIE. And all it took was a cup of water for you to play with?  You spent the next 30 minutes in the tub with your sister (an all-time record) laughing, splashing and screaming with joy.  In fact, the three of us screamed at the top of our lungs and laughed... then took in another big gulp of air and repeated it... over and over and over again. And then Hazel farted in the tub... something that yes, I get the novelty of it the first time you do it.  But the absolute intrigue that Hazel expressed at the sound and the bubbles come from her very own bummy?  It takes a stronger woman than me to not laugh hysterically at it.  And teach my daughter everything I've tried to keep her from learning from her Daddy.  Yep.

I've never seen the two of you enjoy each other and... life... as much as you did last night.  I regretted having to pull you both out of the tub, but the water was getting pretty cold and I didn't want to push my luck.  And here I am, almost 24 hours later, still mad that I didn't have my camera with me to film the nonsense so I could share with your Daddy. 

For now, words will have to do.  But new rule:  I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA READY DURING TUBBY TIME. 

At least until it gets weird.


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greyhound said...

The magic of distraction. Cup of water. Genius.