Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Do

I've got a lot going on in my life right now.  It's only the second week of February and I already feel like the month is almost over.  AND I'VE GOT SO MUCH TO ACCOMPLISH IN THAT TIME FRAME.  It's a bit daunting, so for the sake of keeping me sane and on target, I thought a To Do list would be appropriate.


To Do List 
In no particular order.

Cut out 98% of my daily sugar consumption. 
Cut out all soda.
Refrain from punching the intern when she blinks too loudly.

Make Millie's 1st Birthday invitations.
Refrain from punching the computer.
Actually send out Millie's 1st Birthday invitations before her birthday.
Plan a birthday party.
Figure out how a birthday cake is going to factor into that whole 98% thingy.
Browse the internet through pages and pages of 1st birthday party ideas from women who I think have too much time on their hands.  Or who have an ability to turn off the TV and actually accomplish something.
Refrain from making myself feel better with M&M's.

Retrain Millie for a 7:15 wake-up because this 6 a.m. crap is GETTING OLD.
Refrain from making myself feel better with a blended mocha.

Actually use a recipe from Pinterest for dinner one night.
Actually create a craft with the girls from one of my Pinterest boards.
Try to have a life outside of Pinterest.

Finally purchase the dress pants online that I've been putting off because I don't want to spend money.
Refrain from feeling guilty for taking food out of my kids mouth.  They're both constantly taking food out of it (and throwing it on the ground), why can't I?

Finally hang up the frames that I bought Santa brought at Christmas so that we actually have stuff on our walls.
Actually put pictures in those frames.
Actually develop those pictures to put in the frames.
Actually decide on what pictures I want to develop for the frames to hang on the walls.
Refrain from making myself feel better for my lack of organization and motivation with M&M's and a mocha.

Plan Book Club for the month.
Decide what to serve for dinner for said book.
Decide what wines to serve with said dinner.
Refrain from over consuming said wine and revealing deep, dark secrets.  Like I did last time I hosted.
Think of thought provoking questions to encourage discussion of the book during dinner so that I look thoughtful and well read. Which will make the rest of the book club think that I've totally got my schmidt together, when in reality, I'm hanging by a very thin thread.

Put away the folded laundry before the housekeepers come again in two weeks.
Figure out how to use the steam option on my new washer and dryer so that I'm actually getting my money's worth.

Stop referring to Millie as Minnie just because that's how Hazel says it.
Stop pronouncing it "Right der" just because that's how Hazel says it.

Make it through the rest of the month without a visit to the doctor.
Make it through the rest of the month without missing work due to a sick kiddo.

Wait... is this a To Do List, or a Wish List?

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