Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today, I found a blog that was AMAZING.  And it reminded me why I started blogging all those many, many, child-free years ago. 

And why I should start blogging that way again. 

Of course, I say this now... now, when I'm trying to put off writing a 22-page report.  And let's face it, when I get home, cook dinner, play with the kids and then put them to bed, I'm much more likely to watch my DVR'd HIMYM, Daily Show and Criminal Minds than actually sit down and blog about what life is like on a day-to-day basis. 

Argh!!!  Seriously... I've come to the conclusion that TV is essentially evil.  At least for me.  Because I do not possess the will-power to turn it off once I turn it on.  And I always turn it on once the girls are asleep because OH. MY. GOD... I need to zone out for just a second and regroup. 

And then three hours later, I turn the TV off, look at my still messy house, realize that I haven't made lunch or gotten any of my schmidt together for the next day, shrug, take my dose of fukitol and mosey off to bed.  Where I will then toss and turn for a few hours because I know that the next morning is going to be a freakin' bloodbath and really... WHY DO I WATCH TV?


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Carrie said...

I'm still catching up on my DVR'd Criminal Minds...but I love it and watch while I'm on the bike trainer ditching all of my motherly responsibilities. One blog post by you is generally more entertaining than an episode of anything. Keep that in mind!