Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bump Watch - Weeks 23-25

Dear Squirt,
HOLY. CRAP. You're going to be making your appearance into this world in just about three months. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??

Just a quick update since I've been absolutely freakin' terrible at tracking this pregnancy for reasons mentioned in previous entries.

- I am carrying you really, REALLY low. So when you kick or move around it's a completely different feeling than when Hazel kicked.

- Since you're so low, I haven't yet had any problems breathing and your Daddy has yet to record my snoring. Again. Perhaps he learned his lesson the first time?

- You've had to put up with Mommy taking medication for yet another sinus infection. Blame Daddy for this one.

- Amazingly, my back aches have disappeared... which is a really good thing because I don't think I would have survived the next three months with back pain.

- I haven't had any specific cravings with you... other than baked goods. Oh how I LOVES me some Great Harvest Bread in the morning. One of these days, you'll be able to appreciate the goodness of a free slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread before work. I do wish that I was craving something - ANYTHING - remotely healthy.

- I am huge. No. Seriously. Huge. One of the reasons I haven't been posting pics. Well, that and do you think Mommy can remember to take a picture each week? Do you think she has time to take a picture each week? In between changing diapers and trying to cheer up a teething baby? Nope.

- Have we even remotely started getting your room ready for you? Nope. This is because we know that for the first month or so, you'll be in our room with us. We also need to order some wall decals, an area rug, a new door and a a changing table. Daddy also needs to get some of his friends over to help move the desks from the office downstairs to make room for your crib. Which means we need to order some beer and pizza. The only thing we do have right now is your crib. But it's not put together. Because that would require us to be responsible and on top of things... and I gotta be honest, sometimes we just aren't. These days, we're lucky if we remember to turn on the dishwasher so we have spoons for breakfast in the morning.

Yep. That's pretty much it these days. I can't believe you're going to join us so soon. I can't believe we're gonna jump on that ride again. I can't wait to meet you and to see what you look like. I can't wait to see how your big sister reacts to you. I cannot wait for you to join our little family. I think you'll be the perfect addition. And I can't wait to spend hours with you in my arms.

Keep safe in there, little Squirt.


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Carrie said...

3 months to go?! Good thing Bird is so attached to daddy...it'll free you up a little for Squirt!