Friday, October 22, 2010

Bump Watch Weeks 21 and 22

Dear Squirt,
I know, I know... late. AGAIN. Geez, Mommy. Get it together, already!

Yet again, I find myself apologizing for failing to update you on your (my) progression in these months of you growing inside me. I would take full responsibility for it... or try to throw your sister under the bus by proclaiming that running around after a toddler who has learned to walk and continually fall directly on her face is exhausting.

But, no... I think the blame for this whole thing lies with... YOU. Holy cow, Squirt! Have you ever worn me out these last few weeks. I'm exhausted when I go to bed. I sleep like the dead. And then wake up just as exhausted! I don't recall having this level of fatigue in the second trimester with your sister, so it's gotta be something you're doing. Like, I dunno... stealing all my energy and my mojo, perhaps?

I guess, though, to be fair I should at least attempt to update you on the events of the last few weeks so that when you're old enough to read and experience sibling rivalry over the number of posts generated during my first pregnancy and compare it to the second... well, then you and your sister will actually have something to fight over, right?

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the doctor and had our ultrasound to make sure everything is okay in that little tiny space you call home. And, of course, since we have absolutely no patience and like to plan ahead, we found out that you are a GIRL!!! Holy crap! Another girl! We are so excited!

Your Daddy is proud as a peacock and can't wait to be "That Guy." You know, the guy outnumbered 3-to-1 (actually 4-to-1 if you count the cat) by females in the house. He's also looking forward to buying another gun... one for when Hazel starts dating, and the other for when you start dating. It surely didn't help matters when I reminded him that the first guy I dated, I ended up marrying. Of course, I was like 20 at the time...

Anyhoo, we got to see some great pics of you via the ultrasound. You're already so different from your sister. When she was in utero, she was positioned (for the most part) on her tummy, with her legs and arms curled up under her. Looking peaceful and calm. She looked like an Anne Geddes photo in black and white.

But you? You are flat on your back, with your legs and arms BEHIND your ears. I'm sorry... but this just CANNOT be comfortable. There's no way you're getting in rest that way. It looks neither peaceful nor calm. And Anne Geddes would be thrown in jail for posing a child that way.

We also got to see your beautiful little face. And I guess in a few months we'll know for sure, but I swear that you have lips. YES!! Lips! We could tell that Hazel didn't have lips at her ultrasound... further proof she was a Nadolski. But you? You've got my lips. In that, you know... you have lips.

We can't wait to see what other differences you have. When your sister came out, she looked like the perfect mix of Mommy and Daddy.... and I gotta think that you're going to be the same. Only with lips.

Besides being completely fatigued all the time and, yes, I will admit, falling asleep at my desk and drooling on the keyboard, I'm experiencing other pregnancy issues. Most notably, the pain in my back.

My doctor explained to me that the reason my back hurts so much now when it didn't hurt at all with the first pregnancy is that my abs never really had a chance to recover and strengthen before throwing myself onto this rollercoaster ride again. Which is why I was showing at 4 weeks. But, man... by about 2 p.m. every day, my back has thrown in the towel and has explained to me that it will see me tomorrow morning. Goodnight! Also, the fact that I seem to be carrying you very, VERY low... well, I'm no doctor but that can't be helping matters.

And, of course, by 7 p.m., it has threatened to fire me for crimes against the spine. The good news is that your Daddy feels bad for me and actually volunteers to give me a massage. And if that's not good enough, he sends me to a day spa the next day to get a real massage. Which is why at 12:30 today, you and I are gonna be in HEAVEN!

But honestly, if it weren't for the back pain, fatigue, incredible acid reflux and the fact that I feel like even my maternity pants are screaming in horror when I put them on every day, I would hardly know I was pregnant. Occasionally, I can feel little flutters from you and last night your Daddy was actually able to feel you kick. Or what I can only assume was a kick. And if that's true, then perhaps you've gotten out of your turtle-stuck-on-its-back pose? We can only hope.

21 weeks!

This picture was taken last week after your Daddy and I had our weekly Friday lunch date. You're going to grow up loving this river, Squirt. Trust me. We can barely keep your sister out of it. Of course, we can barely keep her out of the toilet these days. Do me a favor? When you're old enough, save your fascination with water for the bathtub or pool, mkay?



Carrie said...

Lookin' fabulous!

Jeff and Bobbi said...

Congratulations on another girl!! I'm so excited for you. Having the same gender child that close together is great. Of course, there will be days when they about tear out each others eyeballs, but for the most friends! Good luck, you're looking great!