Monday, May 3, 2010

Ironman St. George and The Bird

Dear Hazel,
Last week, you had your 6-month checkup. You, we are happy to report, are growing like a FREAKING WEED. You're 19 lbs., 13 oz. and almost 28 inches long. Which puts you at the 100th percentile in both areas. Which means that you are finally on the charts. And Mommy and Daddy can only take this to mean that you're slowing down. Because 100th percentile means that you are taller than 100 percent of other babies at this age. We weren't sure what to make of your 4-month checkup... which had you in the 104th percentile. Statisically... how is that even possible??

You came down with a cough last week... which really makes us happy. I mean... you've been off antibiotics for what? 2 weeks now? We had 2 solid weeks of health before you got sick again? Nice. I'm just saying that what everyone is telling us had BETTER be true... that after two years of age, you'll have super immunity and won't get sick nearly as often. Because this averaging of one cold a month? GETTING OLD. I always feel so bad for you, Birdzo. Do you even know what it's like to feel well anymore? I mean, you're still just as happy as ever... but wow, does having a cold mess with your sleeping habits. And honestly, I don't know what we would do without that suction machine because the amount of snot you're producing is unheard of. There's got to be a use for that much snot, Hazey. Maybe World Peace?

Yea... your Mommy and Daddy are bummed about your cold. And we thought that maybe we're the ones that caused it. Perhaps by smothering you with kisses all the time? And furburting your belly? But, I walked into day care the other day and every. single. kid. in there had the same cough as you. GREAT.

Add to all of this, the fact that you got your 6-month shots and it made for one unhappy Bird last week (well, as unhappy as you are possible of being). Nothing that a little Tylenol couldn't help... but still. It pretty much blew.

Anyway, despite your little cold, we left the High Altitude Training Center this weekend to take a trip down south with Aunt Kaylene and Uncle Ryan to see some friends participate in Ironman St. George. As usual, you charmed the pants off of everyone you met. You were such a rock star on the way down to St. George... slept most of the way. Which may explain why you didn't go to sleep until 9:30 that night. Well, that and the fact that your Honorary Big Brother, Gavin, was still awake... and somehow you sensed that you were missing out on some excitement. So after 40 minutes of trying (and failing) to get you to go to bed, I brought you out and you enjoyed hanging out with us until you finally ran out of steam.

The next morning, you woke up at 5 a.m. with one of the worst coughing fits I've ever heard. And then it was game on... and you weren't going down without a fight. So, after feeding you, I brought you to bed with me and you snoozed for a few hours... which was heavenly.

That afternoon, all of us jumped in the car to find a good spectating spot to watch the race. Which ended up being an aid station right next to Starbucks. It was KARMA, baby girl.

(The Nadolski Family at the aid station at mile 15)

You were once again amazing and took a little nappy-poo in the middle of the race and then when you woke up (happy!!) just hung out with us while we waited to see our friends. Even being sick, you just don't seem to let anything bother you too much. You're pretty much my hero.

(Kaylene, Gavin, Ryan, Daddy and Hazel at IMSG)

We went home that afternoon and your Daddy and I took you to the pool for the first time! It was soooo much fun to see you in water. You looked around like... whhhhaaattt? And then you got into it and started slapping at the water. You're such a natural! We can't wait for you to start swimming lessons!!

After that, we gave you a bath and put you to bed around 7. It had been a big day for you and you went down pretty quickly. Then we visited with Aunt Kaylene and Uncle Ryan until late into the night (read: 10:30... cuz your Daddy is NOT a rock star).

And then... 4:30 rolled around and GUESS WHO WAS UP AND READY TO PARTAY? This is perhaps the thing I loathe most about you getting sick. It totally messes with your sleep schedule. After I changed your diaper and attempted to get you back to sleep, I gave up, brought you to the bedroom, fed you and then settled you into the bed between Daddy and me. I'm certainly hoping that this isn't a trend with you. I'm only allowing this to happen because you're sick and I feel awful for you. That and I'm just too tired to deal with a crying, fussy baby... and if I can keep you happy and asleep by just snuggling with you in bed? Consider it done.

That afternoon, we all headed back to the cold of Ogden... a trip that you just have never done well with. You cried and cried and cried, baby girl. You only took two 30 minute naps and the rest of the time you were doing your best to communicate HOW AWFUL IT WAS TO BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE IN THIS CAR SEAT?

I think that the change in elevation bothered your ears somewhat. And I also think that you were running a slight temp. And since Mommy hadn't screwed the Tylenol lid on tightly it had leaked all over the bag and we had nothing to give you for the fever. I also think that you just wanted - NEEDED - to be out of that stupid car seat. So, we pulled over in Payson and decided to spend a half-hour walking around Wal-Mart.

You remember Wal-Mart don't you? The last time you were there you lost your ever loving mind. This time was different, though. Because you were out of your car seat and just looking around at all the pretty colors and massive amount of STUFF. We then decided that to give you an even better chance of not losing it on the rest of the way home, we'd stop in Provo and have dinner. We ate at Olive Garden and you were so excited to get to sit at the table in your very own high chair and you played and played and played... giving the good people at The Olive Garden an earful of delighted shrieks. Yep... you're THAT baby.

We left the restaurant and within minutes, you were sound asleep. We made it home in relative peace and quiet and you stayed asleep while we unloaded the car... and, you know, got the kitchen sink hooked back up. You woke up at about 9 and I fed you and put you down.

And then you woke up at midnight... and I knew we were in for a long night. So I girded my loins, grabbed a blanket and spent the night cuddling with you in the rocking chair. I think I'm finally getting what motherhood is all about. I remember my mom telling me a story about how when I was sick once and the only thing I wanted... the only thing that made me feel better... was being held all night. And I think that's what you need right now. I guess you can call it Mother's Intuition? Anyway, you're so stuffed up right now, Hazey... it's the only way to keep your nose drained. But it was a looonnnggg night. You woke up every two hours and I had to coax you back to sleep each time. That means a LOT of rocking and shushing. Stuff that I haven't done since you were a newborn.

But when you woke up for the day at 7:15... you were all smiles. Which put even a grumpy, tired Mommy in a good mood. Luckily, your Daddy was able to come home and pick you up to take you to day care, which allowed me to go back to bed for a few hours and catch up on some much needed sleep. I'm really hoping that this cold improves quickly because while I cherish getting to snuggle with you all night... I REALLY MISS THOSE 10 HOUR OVERNIGHTERS YOU CAN THROW DOWN.


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