Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Brand New Home

We here in The House That Benny Built and Jaynee Burned the Asparagus In have been going through our own little version of March Madness.

The March being... well, self-explanatory.

The Madness being that someone or someones done got a bee in their collective bonnets that perhaps, maybe... well, suppose we took down the wall between the kitchen and the hallway?? You know... the one that adds absolutely nothing to our space and looks like crap? That one.

And - let me just blow your mind by continuing to suggest that we get rid of the fireplace in the living room. You know... the one that we never use anymore? That one.

We've been talking about this wall removal for a few months now... but it took just a simple visit from a architect friend to really bring the possibilities of removing a non-loadbearing wall into focus for us.

But... Benny and I... we like to discuss things thoroughly. And when we're done talking about it... well, we talk about it some more. So if we start talking about something, say, in February... maybe by October, we'll have made a move. Why do you think it took us so long to get knocked up? Yea.... we talked about THAT decision FOR. EVAH. Like... three Ironman's, a marathon, grad school and a trip to Europe FOR. EVAH.

The point is... a month of talking isn't really enough talking to actually make a move on taking down a wall.



You all... did you notice that little closet door on the wall? That... that's a pantry!!! I NOW HAVE A PANTRY.




I've NEVER had a pantry in the kitchen. NEVER. This opens up so many possibilities for us!!! Like... maybe I'll learn how to cook... what with having a pantry so close by.

It's like a brand new house. I feel like I've moved without go through the hassle of moving and packing and worrying about all the wine making the move without breaking the bottles.

And look at all that natural light? There's so much natural... it's almost unnatural.

Tomorrow, Benny's got to do some work on the ceiling. Which means that Hazey and I have to leave the house so that when he sands the ceiling down, the two of us Typhoid Mary's (that's right, we're both sick. AGAIN.) don't start having coughing fits. As we are wont to do in these kinds of situations.

Eventually, we'll replace the floor with nice new dark wood flooring. But that will have to wait until we save enough money. (It make take a while since Hazel's about due for a high chair. And I'm somewhat addicted to Mexican Cokes. A lot of them.) But, I'm really excited for that day, since it will mean that we get rid of that fugly blue slate in the entry way. HOW I LOATHE THE BLUE SLATE. You have NO idea.

The question we're asking ourselves right now? Why did it take us 7 years to make a move on this wall? I mean, besides the fact that we were afraid the house would fall down? Originally, we thought we would take down the wall and then repaint the walls a cheery yellow color. But I've got to admit... I'm really digging the red. I think we'll keep it for a while. Plus, it looks GREAT at Christmas time.

But, before I finish, I have to give a shout-out to Benny. He that worked his hiney off all day removing the wall and the fireplace. And LYING to me about it by saying that he was going to go on a hike up to Malan's Peak. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SNOWING. He's lucky his wife is so gullible. Makes for a great surprise. One of a select few surprises that I will never forget.

There was the day he proposed...
The day he bought me a scooter...
And today.


Dude made me cry. That's how he gets his kicks.

And I love him for it.


greyhound said...

Benny is the man. THE.MAN. Word.

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

It looks FANTASTIC!!! What an amazing surprise. So cool.

Kelly said...

That's awesome! It looks GREAT! Nice work Benny! What a surprise to come home to.