Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A few updates that haven't gone on Facebook but are on my mind:

- We really need Hazel to get potty-trained.  These are no longer mere poopies we're dealing with.
- We also need to get Hazel into a toddler bed.  As much as I'd like to keep her in a crib until she's 16. Kiddo crawled out of the crib this morning and woke me up with a sniffle in my face.
- As much as I heart Crossfit, I'm at an age that I can no longer do back-to-back days of thrusters without ending up with my massage therapist digging her elbow into my neck and making me cry.
- Grandma Paskins is the best at making up songs for the girls.  The current one:  Follow the leader, follow the leader, whatever Hazel/Millie does, WE. DO. TOO! has been branded into my brain all day. 
- I'm raising a pair of Dancing Queens.
- Sometimes, a Pinterest recipe actually does work out.  UNBELIEVABLE.
- I may have a quinoa problem, btw.
- Loving me some Spotify these days.  Where else can you put a playlist of Weezer, TLC, No Doubt and R. Kelly together and call it Old School? 
- Oh, R. Kelly.  You remind me of something, too. 
- Speaking of bank accounts.... I had no idea that when I was 34, I'd be this damn broke.  DAMN YOU, DAYCARE AND DIAPERS!
- Sand volleyball... I've actually missed you. 
- Being a mom to two girls is a lot of presha.
- Giving me one little girl with curly hair and one little girl with straight hair shows me that God has a sense of humor. Expecting me to be able to do their hair each morning shows me he has too much time on his hands.
- Really, America?  The price of gas is $4/gallonish, but we're worried about contraception?  REALLY?
- I wish all American women would band together and become abstinent.  And then watch the fireworks.  
- Really, Utah?  Teen pregnancies up 30%?  Teen STD's up 70%?  But yea... let's only teach abstinence.  GREAT IDEA.
- I think the worst thing about being a parent is booger removal and clipping finger/toe nails.
- Currently listening to Milli Vanilli and not afraid to admit it.
- Currently blaming things on the rain.
- It would be awesome if on the nights that Millie actually sleeps through the night, Hazel doesn't wake up with nightmares.  Or vice versa. 
- After thorough research, I'm ready to announce that the 2005 season was the best season of How I Met Your Mother.  You're welcome.
- Not sure how I lived without DVR.
- Sometimes, I forget that things like the radio or the tv in my hotel room don't have rewind features like DVR. And this upsets me greatly.
- Honestly, there needs to be a rewind button on life when you have kiddos.... just so you can relive the special moments.  And the moments that make you want to tear your hair out. 
- Girl, you know it's true.
- Chopped made me cry last night.  True story.

- Sometimes, I wish someone would actually try to mess with me. Just so I can take a swing punch them in the eyeball take a swing.
- Remember when I used to ride my bike to work?  
- Remember when gas was $1.85 and I was riding my bike to work?
- $3.65/gallon now and I'm driving an SUV.
- Principles are the first thing to go when you have kids.
- Followed quickly by your figure... and your mind.
- Of all the household chores, laundry is definitely the WORST.
- Followed by sweeping the kitchen floor.
- My little girls are serious crumbers. 
- Still haven't done taxes. Yowza.
- So I creep...
- The girls are ganging up on me so that there is not one moment of blessed silence in the house until they're both in bed.  When one of them is losing her mind, the other is fine.  Until the one losing her mind has been pacified or cried out.  Then THAT one starts in.  And so the cycle continues.  Circle of life.
- Speaking of which, I need to create an Elton John playlist. 
- B-B-B-Benny and the Jets.
- Volleyball tonight again. Weird that I haven't touched a basketball in YEARS?
- Ran out of wine in the house last night.  UNACCEPTABLE.
- While it's nice that Hazel is talking... a lot... it's hard because now I have to have to bring my A Game every single second she's awake.  Lest she outsmart me.  Again.
- Millie is very definitely half cat.  Tubby time is ruining my life. And causing me to drink way more wine than I should.
- That MPH girl on YouTube?  Watches too much Sarah Palin.

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Mama C said...

Damn I've missed reading your blog!! Good luck with the potty training - girls are supposed to be easier than girls. But I don't think they meant Hazel. Also, I may or may not still cut Thing 1 & Thing 2's toenails because if I didn't, they'd look like a sun bear. It's not any easier now than when they were babies.