Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 Months??

Dear Milliseconds,
Can you tell that Mommy and Daddy discovered auto correct on their new phones this weekend?  And Millie quickly became Millieseconds... and we were to busy trying to figure out how the actual phone worked to bother with fixing the auto correct.

Today, you turned 7 months old.  Amazing.  You have had QUITE the month.  First off, you finally got some teeth!!!  Two of them popped through on September 1st.  Just in time for Labor Day.  And just in time for Mommy and Daddy to take a trip to Chicago and leave you and your sis in the care of Aunt KC and Grandma and Grandpa.  Also, at about the same time as those teeth popping through, you went on a MASSIVE growth spurt.  The kind where you stopped sleeping 14 hours a night and woke up to feed in the middle of the night and then again at 6 a.m.  This, of course, is after I had assured Aunt KC that you were a piece of cake and wouldn't give her any trouble.  But you were all:  "Cake?  Where's the cake?  I heard there was cake!"

So, that was fun for about two weeks before you went back to your regularly scheduled awesomeness.  I think that you knew we were at the end of our rope... and has possibly heard Daddy and I arguing about the need for you to "cry it out".  I have been a staunch opponent of the "cry it out" with you.  Why?  Because you NEVER cry.  You NEVER ask for ANYTHING.  So, when you do cry, something is wrong.  You're not just crying to mess with us... like your sis does did does. Anyway, the night we were going to let you cry it out, well... you just magically slept through the night.  Daddy and I woke up at 6 a.m. (because at this point, we had been trained) and looked at each other in confusion.  "Did you feed her during the night?  NO??? IS SHE STILL ALIVE?  Or has she starved to death in her sleep???"

The next night, I had a date with my friend and left you and Hazel in Daddy's capable hands.  And apparently, things went right to hell were rough for a bit around (what we lovingly refer to as the Witching half-Hour)  6-6:30.  Hazel was screaming for food and you were starving because you had last eaten at 5 and you expect to be fed right before bed and... IT'S TIME TO EAT AND WHEN IT'S TIME TO EAT, THERE BETTER BE SOME FOOD IN MY GENERAL VICINITY MOUTH RIGHT. NOW.

So, Daddy put you in bed and ran to fix your bottle... all the while both you and your sis were screaming your heads off.  And then as suddenly as it started, it stopped.  You passed out after less than a minute of crying.  Further bolstering Daddy's claim that Mommy is too much of a softy with you.

Which means that YOU helped prove Daddy right.  You have a lot of explaining to do.  Once you can talk.

In other groundbreaking developments, guess who is finally sitting up on her own??  It's been tough with you, Millie.  You always seemed to list to the left.  And then after your listing... you just fell headfirst. And then proceeded to wiggle around and army-man it (head down, mind you) to the other side of the room.  But on September 10, I put you down really quickly so that I could run to the back of the house and put my face on... and when I came back out 10 minutes or so later, you were still sitting up in the same spot.  Looking very pleased with yourself.

And just like that, we are one step closer to being totally screwed.  Because I really feel like you're going to be legitimately crawling in the next month or so.  And after that?  Well, you're already a big, BIG fan of standing up.  I don't believe you'll be contained much longer.

And you cannot WAIT for that day.  Because, let me tell you... you are so ready to get in on the action.  You watch your older sister so closely and so intently that I just know that eventually, the morning routines are going to include the two of you ganging up on me and running wild.

You are still the happiest baby in school.  Even when you're a little sick.  I'll come to pick you up after work and I'll hear one or two babies losing their minds and I'm always a little worried that it's you.  Because no mom wants to think about her baby being upset or unhappy at day care.  But whenever I walk in, you're just laying there, playing with your toes or gnawing on a toy, just enjoying the world.  And lately when I walk in, you look at me and you smile so big that I'm actually afraid your face is going to break.

Lately, you've become a bit of a snuggler and want to be sitting on my lap or just be held all the time.  In fact, when I put you down and sit behind you, you immediately turn and crawl on to me.  It's amazing to me because you've never really cared to be held at all.  You've also become a big fan of my hair to help anchor you to place.  And hey, if that hair is also available for you to drool on, who are you to complain.

You are not a really big fan of loud things (except your sister) or dogs.  Especially dogs.  Aunt KC brought Gus over once and you almost started hyperventilating.  (I really need to get that on film... if only I wouldn't feel like a bad mother for doing it on purpose to you.)  It's so strange to me because your older sister immediately loved noisy things and dogs and kittys.  But you... you're not having it.  Dogs and kittys may as well be aliens sent to suck out your brains.  And loud noises.  Where do I begin?  We have a little toy with a monkey on top of it that makes noise when it rolls and your sister loves to pick it up and slam it on the ground (you know, to break in the new flooring) and to you this is the equivalent of an actual monkey... in a cat suit... riding a dog... and stealing your binkie.

You started eating solids a couple of weeks ago.  It took a while for you to come around to the cereal, but when you finally got used to it, you murdered it every time we fed you.  We have recently introduced other "solids" like pureed peaches and sweet potatoes.  Each of which result in full-body shivers and a stubborn refusal to eat another bite.  Of anything.  Look at you... 6 months old and you've already been labeled as our "picky eater".  Who knew that Chilly Millie would have such high standards for food?

You've also slowed down your eating since your growth spurt.  And some days, it's hard for me to get you to eat more than a tablespoon of cereal and 4 oz of milk at a sitting.  Which, is probably normal for most babies.  Who aren't giants.  But for 7-month-olds who are already easily fitting into 12-18 month old clothes?  THEY EAT. 

I can't wait to see what this next month brings you.  I already suspect that the next few weeks will see you no longer in the infant carrier... you're getting REALLY heavy to carry in that thing and I've started to just take you out of it and carry you in to day care.  It's sad to me because... well, it just means that pretty soon, I'm not going to have a baby anymore.  And you'll want to walk into school like your sister.  And then... well then what am I good for?  Besides wiping your butt?


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